The best non-profit organisation specializing in Community Development

Today we will share why we are the best in Community Development

Southern Africa Youth Project is proud to announce that other than us providing services to the needy and the poor in communities.

We also are a learning and sharing organisation. Every year more than 200 organizations and our 500 non profit organisations learn from Southern Africa Youth Project.

Our CEO Neftaly Malatjie has received the Frost and Sulivan Award for Africa Growth, Innovation and Leadership.

This is an award recognizing his excellent leadership on building an organisation that will create leaders in communities and organizations.

We received over 25 Awards recognizing us in South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa and globally.

Other than awards we have managed to make impact in the lives of over 1 Million African women and Youth.

Our exceptional performance in building young people who will change the way their families think about themselves has never been easier.

We have documented over 10 000 young people on this portal who have benefitted from Southern Africa Youth Project and Academy Programmes.

We pride ourselves as the best in Community Development as published in this website.

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