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Helping Girls, Women and Youth to access Education, Technology, Health and Employment for their advancement

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Help us build a better future

Southern Africa Youth Project

Southern Africa Youth Project is a Youth development institution that strives to enable Girls and Youth to access Technology, Health, Education and employability for their future

Educational Support for the Girl Child

We provide psychosocial and Educational Support, as well as Workshops on GBV and HIV/AIDS, for girls aged 13 to 18 years to better prepare them for post-secondary school technical training and employment opportunities.

Capacity building for the Unemployed Youth

We provide technical and accredited training in various scarce and required skills to underprivileged youth aged 18 to 35 years. We train them in work readiness workshops, and critical skills training.

Job placement to unemployed Youth

We have a job center for unemployed youth in underprivileged areas. Through partnerships with potential employers, we place unemployed and underprivileged youth in sustainable employment.

"...Whether you want to volunteer from your office, home or at our Community Center. Southern Africa Youth Project has a volunteer package for everyone!..."
Leornardo Martinus

Become a Volunteer

Southern Africa Youth Project has opportunities for companies, employees, individuals, governments to volunteer their time, money and resources

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Southern Africa Youth Project makes a huge impact to the communities. This cannot be done without the support of you the funder, donor and a grant maker


Girls and Young women

We have made a huge impact in the lives of girls and Youth out of school

15 %


To the areas we helped with our volunteers.

Questions? We have answers.

You need to click on the Volunteer Page to sign up to be a volunteer in the organisation

The organisation is funds by donors, corporate, international aid institutions and of course you


Volunteers in Africa

Help us build a better future

Our Needs

Help us fulfill the organisation vision by ensuring that you give to items below so that we make a huge impact in the lives of Youth in rural areas and townships of Africa

Completed 8%

Volunteer Time

Help us make Southern Africa Youth Project the best  Youth development institution by  giving your time towards Human Resources, IT, Admin and marketing

Amount needed


Completed 7.5%

Money for Projects

Help us fulfil the vision of the organisation by contributing money towards the organisation to be able to implement its youth development innitiatives for unemployed youth in rural areas and townships

Amount needed

R15 000 000

Completed 12%

Technology Equipment

Help us create the dream to change the way young people in townships and rural areas think about themselves and their families. Give to us by contributing technology equipment to the organisation

Amount needed

R150 000

Contact us

Africa Headquarters

  • Riversands Incubation Hub
  • + 27 (0) 11 071 1903 (Switchboard)
  • + 27 (0) 11 071 1903

South Africa

  • 6863 Peach Road, Diepsloot Ext 10, Diepsloot, 2189
  • + 27 (0) 11 071 1903 (Switchboard)
  • + 27 (0) 78 637 0815 (Rebecca - Administrator)

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