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Southern Africa Youth Project

At Southern Africa Youth Project we enable the Youth to Access, Complete and Transition into Technology, Education, Health and Employment.

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Changing lives in Five simple steps

Register online

Get started by registering your personal information. We will ask you lots of questions. Do not worry it is to make sure that we have the right information about you.

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You start lessons and activities

It’s as simple as that -- You will be able to select any program you intend enrolling in. If the program is sponsored your sponsor will pay for you to enrol on the program. Otherwise, you can pay for yourself.

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Start participating in our Programs

As easy as it is you start participating in programs for the duration set. Once you participate fully you will then need to complete understanding questions, assignments, tests to get your level of understanding of the programs we have.

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Complete our Programs

Once you have completed our programs. Our Administration Team will get to check your level of completion, see your responses to sessions published and rate you based on your participation experience. Once you are done. They will arrange for certification.

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Finally, you have Completed

We will then certify you with a certificate of attendance or certificate of competence. This will be determined by whether the program was a recognised qualification or workshop or participatory activity.

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About us
We provide Access, Completion and Transition into Sustainable Development.


Southern Africa Youth Project through its innovation hubs and development centres provides Technology Capacity Support, Digital Skills, Arts, Graphics, Coding and Programming activities that prepare unemployed Youth for the fourth industrial revolution.


Southern Africa Youth Project works with Secondary Schools, Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges by providing learner educational and psychosocial support, teacher and lecture development to retain and keep learners and Youth in schools and ACTion TEHE Colleges.


We understand that Technology and Education cannot be achieved if our Youth are not mentally and physically well. We provide support such as HIV/AIDS, Gender-Based Violence, Human Rights, Sexual Reproductive and Psychosocial Support to ensure that unemployed Youth performs well in Technology, Education and Employment.

Exiting into the Economy

Southern Africa Youth Project links unemployed Youth to opportunities as an exit strategy. This includes learnerships, internships, apprenticeships, bursaries, and further education, temporary and permanent employment or job opportunities.

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Change is possible

With over 50 000 Youth in Africa benefiting from our amazing programs. Join us partner, engage and learn from us.