**Southern Africa Youth Project model empowered to give

Africa is known for its vast diversity, and this diversity has been a source of great pride for South Africans. It’s no different with the youth, who see the world through a lens of fairness, justice and equality. SayPro: an initiative that aims to make young people in Africa aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of our nation. The project brings forth messages from across the globe on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which empower children to stand up for what they believe in.

SayPro is run by a spirited crew who know how important it is to encourage individuals to think independently. We want everyone in South Africa – especially our youth – to grow up with a sense of confidence so that they can contribute positively towards society.

South Africa is known for its busy lifestyle, but with the SayPro model, this is changing. SayPro provides young professionals with a platform to work on their career and life goals all at the same time. It has given them the power to think big and go all in without any fear of failure or doubt.

SayPro’s aim is to empower South Africa’s youth by providing them with skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s competitive workforce while encouraging unrivalled teamwork and commitment. Every year we host events across South Africa which are attended by thousands of young professionals eager to learn new skills; from accounting to entrepreneurship, software development to marketing, there is nothing we won’t teach our ambassadors! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Ever felt your age holding you back from something? Well, SayPro is changing that! This model empowered to give has alchemized the spirit of youth and the power of women in Africa. It knows no race or gender but is about self-worth and confidence. Join other for donating a day’s salary to SayPro in exchange of getting some knowledge on global development such as health, education and climate change among others.

Sustainable development is not an easy task to perform. But when someone is ready to contribute towards it, we have a model – SayPro. This initiative by the United Nations aims at empowering youth in developing countries so that they become part of changing their society for better. In 2015, SayPro spread its wings and reached out 10 million youths across 12 countries of Africa and Asia. They were empowered with skills and education required for sustainable development so that they can take on responsibilities towards their community. For making this possible, United Nations donated US$20 million as funding support along with 50 volunteers who took part in the program.

SayPro shows how simple it is to make a difference by working together towards global goals! The world today needs all types of people who are ready to contribute towards making a difference! Join us!

**Southern Africa Youth Project model empowered to give

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