We seek to address National Youth Development Priorities

The NYP highlights education, training and economic participation for youth and provides a framework for partnerships with government structures across national, provincial and local lines.

Among the NYDPF goals the policy aims to “locate youth development in a holistic strategy that encompasses political, economic and social dimensions; build an integrated and sustainable approach to youth development and youth development initiatives based on multi-sectoral interventions and creating enabling environments; show priority areas and sectors of possible intervention in terms of the existing cluster system…”

The NYDPF proposed to reach these goals through interventions within the “broad cluster approach of the government.” The proposed strategies and interventions are linked to areas focused on prevention, promotion and development of youth.

Southern Africa Youth Project is a Youth Development Non-Profit Institution that aims to enable Girls, Women and Youth in rural areas and townships to get access to Technology, Education, Health and Employment or their advancement. Southern Africa Youth Project was started in 2005 by Neftaly Malatjie to address structural socio-economic challenges in which communities and rural areas face.

Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered non-profit organisation, it is also a tax-exempt institution. All donors giving to Southern Africa Youth Project will receive tax-deductible certificates including government benefits

Southern Africa Youth Project operates in South Africa and Southern Africa Region working with local implementing partners.

Southern Africa Youth Project seeks people, government, corporates and international partners to scale its work across Southern Africa Region.

To partner with us send us an email to info@southernafricayouth.org or you can contact us at + 27 (0) 11 071 1903