We have empowered 2 821 youth in Digital Technology Skills in 2019

  1. Inputs
Who: Describe target group of people equipped with skills (“beneficiaries”)Southern Africa Youth Project works with unemployed young people between the ages of 18 – 35 who are coming from disadvantaged rural areas and townships of South Africa. Majority of  our beneficiaries have either Rural immigrants who came from rural villages to the neighbouring townships to get employment.Have only completed secondary school and looking for further education.Not been able to get training and educational opportunities because they are not informed of how to get opportunities.Not been able to find employment from year 1 others have over 5 years sitting at home with nothing to do.Have not accessed higher education due to financial crisis at homeHave graduated from university due to lack of technical skills they have not been able to find employment.Have limited or no information on available jobs in the market.   To our findings over 60% have completed Grade 12/High school but have not gained access to higher education or education beyond high school.   Since they have not been able to access jobs, higher education and scholarships to progress in life. We have found out that Majority of these young people have lost hope in finding employment or entrepreneurshipThey are discouraged and resort to pregnancy, having multiple sex partners for their survival or to meet their daily needs and requirements They are now discouraging those behind them Communities have few role models that encourages growth and development and to motivate them to go even further with higher education   Many of these youth have lost hope and have a full belief that they will never be able to find employment in their lives.   These young people have not been able to find employment because they were not employment ready or were not prepared to access employment in the job market. Also with the ever changing technology. Young people finds themselves out of date with the training that they have received 5 years ago at high school
Segment: Use the Outcome Framework (see diagram below) to choose the Segment of beneficiaries that matches this initiativeSouthern Africa Youth Project aims to take these job seekers from Poverty to Jobs through providing digital skills, which will enable them to become solution in the ever-changing corporate world. Where these young people are to provide solutions to employers.   Our focus is more on employment for job seekers in townships and rural areas where we are based which are Diepsloot and Daveyton. Where we are going to place them in retail, hospitality, entrepreneurship, small businesses, Information technology businesses.   They are going to be placed in Learnerships, Jobs (Contract, temporary and Permanent, bursaries, scholarships,  ,
What / How: Describe both the type of skills and the method of training provided to beneficiaries including how this will help them get a job and/or build a businessThe following skills provided below have been provided to beneficiaries through theory, practical and on the job training. The below mentioned skills are applicable in all industries. All beneficiaries that goes through these programs are now able to find employment across different industries   Skills Provided US ID US Title NQF Level Credits Description 14918 Describe the principles of Computer Programming 3 5 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD    This programme  is intended:   to provide a conceptual knowledge of the areas covered   for those entering the workplace in the area of systems development   as additional knowledge for those wanting to understand the areas covered 

People credited with This programme  are able to:   describe problem analysis and program design techniques   describe different data representations used in computer programs   describe basic programming principles   described the principles used in designing a computer program 
The performance of all elements is to a standard that allows for further learning in this area  11241 Perform Basic Business Calculations  3 6 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD  This programme  is intended for people who are required to perform routine financial transactions and calculations. 

Individuals who are credited with This programme  will be able to apply the processes and procedures necessary to initiate the recording of disbursements and revenues, and to understand the financial implications to the organisation of each element in the transaction.  116942 Use a GUI-based word processor to create merged documents 3 3 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD    This programme  is intended for people who need to enhance document appearance using a GUI-based word processor either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career needing this competency, like the ICT industry. 

Beneficiaries are able to: 
 Describe the uses of merged documents.  Create a merged document.  116943 Using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application, enhance the functionality and apply graph /charts to a spreadsheet  4 3 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD  This programme  is intended for people who need to enhance spreadsheet appearance using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career needing this competency, like the ICT industry. 

Beneficiaries are able to: 
  Create and edit a graph/chart.   Load data from an external data source to produce a given spreadsheet result.   Insert and edit objects in a spreadsheet.  116945 Use electronic mail to send and receive messages  2 2 PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD  This programme  is intended for people who need to use electronic mail to send and receive messages either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career in the ICT industry. 

Beneficiaries are able to: 
  Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging.   Create and send an E-mail message.   Receive and respond to e-mails.   Work with multiple E-mail messages.   Adjust settings to customise the view and preferences of the E-mail application.     
  • Results Metrics: Outputs & Outcomes
GenderOutputs: # people who completed skills training programOutcomes: # people for the Lead Indicator(s) that matches the Segment of this initiative (see diagram below)If gender data not available, please explain why
Men1491 has found an internet ship 14 have found jobs     24 Have found employment Refer to the report on Page 6   Data not complete on employment and last stage of June.   Data capturers are still to attend
Women54529 Have found a job 2 have found employment   44 have found employment
Total (if gender split is unknown, complete only this row and provide details in the right column)Skills Training Programmes – 694 Advisory and Referral Services – 1325 Human Rights Awareness – 526 Entrepreneurship – 117 Work Readiness – 159   Total 2 821 Youth reached68 Youth
  • Other  Outcomes
OTHER OUTCOMES: Describe any other direct or indirect outcomes for beneficiaries or your organisation.DEMOGRAPHICS Female Male Total 01. Beneficiaries serviced 1286 521 1807 04. Beneficiaries who received proof of residency 8 3 11 05. Beneficiaries who get Child Support Grant 164 3 167 06. Beneficiaries who have an income 168 3 171 07. Beneficiaries who do not have an income 1118 518 1636 08. Beneficiaries who received referral services 915 410 1325 09. Beneficiaries out of school who receives service 1184 504 1688 10. Beneficiaries in school who receives service 102 17 119 11. Beneficiaries who have results captured 102 17 119 12. Beneficiaries who have found opportunities 44 24 68   Participants in Program Type   PROGRAMME TYPE Female Male Total SayPro Advisory and Referral 915 410 1325 SayPro Health and Welfare 400 126 526 SayPro Job Placement 44 24 68 SayPro Skills Development 299 86 385 SayPro Work Readiness 133 26 159 SayPro Youth Development 101 16 117 SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Female Male Total SA Bookkeeping Accounting 11 5 16 SA Cashier/Point of Sale 84 25 109 SA Computer Training 92 22 114 SA Customer Service 69 16 85 SA Hospitality 157 43 200 SA Programming 39 16 55 SA System Support 28 6 34 SA Waiter 65 16 81 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Female Male Total SA Afternoon Care Program 1   1 SA School Entrepreneurship (Sevissa) 100 16 116   Opportunity Type   17.   Female Male Total Internship     1 1 Job   29 14 43 Learnership   2   2
  Job Placement   Afrika Tikkun 2 2 4 Bane grid   1 1 Bidvest   2 2 Boxer 1   1 Builders Warehouse   1 1 Burger King 1 1 2 Cambridge 2   2 Cashbuild 1   1 Checkers 2   2 Choppies 1   1 Clientele 1   1 Creche/Pre-School 1   1 Deltamune   1 1 Department of Tourism 1   1 Dischem 1 1 2 Domestic 1 1 2 Edgars   1 1 Future Express 1   1 Graduate School of SA 1   1 Help 2 Read   1 1 Heron Bridge 1   1 Intercape   1 1 Internet Cafe 1 1 2 Life Hospital   1 1 Logistic   1 1 Makro   1 1 Mangwanani 1   1 Mcdonalds 4   4 Monte Casino 5 1 6 Pharmacy   1 1 Pick n Pay 1   1 Quali Health 2 1 3 SA Youth who got jobs 7 4 11 SANCA 1   1 Security   2 2 Serbs 1   1 Shell 1 1 2 Shoprite 3   3 Spaza 2   2 Telkom 1   1 The Choice Pharmacy 1   1 Township news 2   2 Yamma Gemmer 1   1   Beneficiaries Who Have Children   Female Male Total Unknown 311 142 453 1 Kid(s) 197 32 229 2 Kid(s) 99 24 123 3 Kid(s) 19   19 4 Kid(s) 5 1 6 5 Kid(s) 2   2   Client Monthly Income Rate   Female Male Total No Income 1118 518 1636 Child Support Grant 164 3 167 Income between R400 – R1 500 163 2 165 Income between R1 600 – R4 500 4   4           Clients per Village   . Female Male Total  Unknown 3   3 Alexandra   1 1 Cosmo City 3 1 4 Diepsloot 1173 478 1651 Johannesburg 102 38 140 Midrand 5 3 8   Age Groups   Female Male Total  Unknown 1   1 0 – 11 Years 1   1 12 – 17 Years 103 19 122 18 – 25 Years 615 266 881 26 – 35 Years 541 224 765 36 Years and Older 25 12 37   Confidence (leaners become confident because they have made mistakes in the system now they have understanding of the skills they have.Increases chances for job seekers to get jobs, e.g. most of the retail outlets around Diepsloot have hired beneficiaries from our organisation Young people found employment through lead employment and entrepreneurship partnersYoung people found learnerships, bursaries and internships which were not planned forThey have an understanding of applying Computer-based Word Processing Application skills in the Workplace. They have an understanding of applying Computer-based Presentation Application skills in the Workplace. They have an understanding of applying Computer Spreadsheet Application skills in the Workplace. They have an understanding of applying Computer Electronic Mail Application skills in the Workplace. They have an understanding of applying Computer Web Browser Application skills in the Workplace. They have Improved Communication skills where they are now able to combe communication skills with End User Computing skills. They have Improved the application of mathematical literacy in the workplace, by better utilising End User Computing Applications. They now have an understanding of the use of Information Communications & Technology (ICT) in an organisation & the impact it has on societies. 

They have gained so much practical experiences  

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