Volunteer your time by hosting mentorship sessions for youth.

Support Southern Youth Project by volunteering to host a boys mentorship session for young people from Diepsloot.

Call:011 071 1903/info@southernafricayouth.org

Youth Project is a youth Development Organisation with head offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organization was founded in 2005. It is registered as a organization, section 18A tax-exempt and tax compliant organization. Youth Project aims to empower communities through up-skilling them to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are around them. Youth Project does this by enabling Girls, Youth and to access , Education, Health, and Employment Opportunities. We operate in townships and areas young people between the age of 18 - 35 with a different basket of services. To partner or collaborate with us send us an email at info@southernafricayouth.org or contact us at + 27 (0) 78 637 0815 Youth Project is a regional Youth Development non-profit organisation that aims to empower and development communities through giving them to access Technology, Education, Health and Employment. Youth Project is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with its headquartered based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Youth Project is providing youth development activities and projects throughout the Region. Youth Project works in its own sites and local implementing partners through a network of partnerships, consortiums and coalitions providing wide range of services based on the needs of and challenges of each . Youth Project operates in the whole of Africa with a major focus on the Southern African Development Community. We work with national, regional, provincial, district and local governments, , individuals, philanthropists, donors, foundations and locally based non-profit organisation to address community challenges. In delivering its work works with a local grassroots non-profit organisation through providing , co-funding, project management, monitoring and evaluation. We believe in working on collaboration rather than replicating what is already there. We also understand that development requires those who are locally based to address them. We believe that those born in those communities can address their challenges better than someone who just visits Southern Africa Youth Project believes that local people are the only people who can address their own challenges and problems. Southern Africa Youth projects adopts a multi-faceted community development approach where in its implementation of work and services. it engages communities where the services are provided from strategic planning, implementation to monitoring and evaluation as a whole. Southern Africa Youth Project has implemented a structured set of policies and systems that governs all its operations. this is from quality management, program implementation, finance, human resources, marketing, communications, administration and governance

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