Addressing youth unemployment for UN SDG in 2030

In Southern Africa, we have a high number of unemployed youth who remains to be hopeless.

We see only a few people who are working. The quality of both secondary and tertiary education is very poor. Despite teachers and lecturers getting paid regular market price salaries. Why is youth unemployment so high when there are systems in place to address this.

At Southern Africa Youth Project we bridge the gap between unemployment and employment by adopting various approaches to fill in the gap that has not been filled by parents, schools and higher education.

We do this by providing:

  • Work Readiness Programmes: These are dedicated towards the youth to prepare them to learn, understand and prepare for the challenges which the unemployed youth will face when they go to work.
  • Digital Technology Skills: Southern Africa Youth Project provides technology skills for unemployed youth to the working environment. 
  • Hospitality SkillsLinking unemployed youth to hospitality skills which will be preparing them to work in first-time jobs such as restaurants, hotels and small businesses and working with small businesses.

As a youth development organisation Southern Africa Youth Project contributes to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 on education and 8 on decent education for unemployed youth.

Contributing to achieving the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate poverty and contribute to the reduction of of enequality.

Southenr Africa Youth Projects works with adolescent girls, boys, young women and the youth to prepare them for the working environment.

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