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We have made mistakes, won awards and made an impact. See the timeline below.

SayPro is proud to share the timeline of SayPro journey below.

I Neftaly Malatjie commissioned to documentation and sharing of these lessons learnt.

Remarkable events and success stories of all the years.



January 2021

  • SayPro develops and empowers over 2 000 youth during the Covid19 year 2019 – 2020
  • Mable Lesejane and Neftaly Malatjie visit Durban to identify the needs of the Youth and organisations in Kwa Zulu Natal.
  • 2020 December: Neftaly Malatjie and Mable Lesejane visit Kwa Ximba Village to learn about the Cultural Site and integrate it into SayPro Arts.
  • 2020 December: Neftaly Malatjie, the SayPro CEO, visits Kwa Zulu Natal townships and rural areas to launch the SayPro.
  • 2020 December: SayPro enrols over 1 000 youth in its SayPro.
  • SayPro closes the ACTION TEHE Strategy, in which we reached 14 000 out of 20 000 target that was set due to Covid.
  • SayPro wins the 2020 MTN Awards for Social Change MTN Trialogue South Africa.
  • Neftaly Malatjie steps down as Chairperson for Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project.
  • Hakeem Phiri joins SayPro as Ambassador for SayPro. He will be an ambassador for SayPro from 2021 when Clifford Legodi steps down as a Brand Ambassador in 2021 March. Hakeem will officially take his position on the 1st of April 2021
  • Clifford Legodi trains Hakeem Phiri as he prepares to step down as Ambassador on 31 March 2021.
  • SayPro launches the CompTIA A+, Network + and Security+ and implements them in Tanzania.
  • SayPro receives accreditation and Certification with CompTIA.
  • SayPro launches the HIV/AIDS Programme in partnership with Pepfar. The HIV/AIDS programme has been implemented with 1 000 girls and women in South Africa. The Programme has managed to reach over 250 Communities. Over 300 Community Leaders and Community-Based Workers have participated in the Programme.
  • SayPro trains over 14 000 youth in Skills Development.
  • SayPro launched an Online Store in March 2020
  • SayPro launched the SayPro in August 2020.
  • SayPro launched SayPro Business in September 2020.
  • SayPro launches SayPro Jobs in October 2020, which will help the youth access jobs, opportunities, learnerships and internships.
  • SayPro hosts its Online Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Arts and Culture to Capacitate Non-Profit Organisations in Gauteng.
  • SayPro partners with the Gauteng Department of Arts and Culture to provide Capacity Building to non-profit organisations involved in Arts.
  • SayPro provides training and support to organisations on Fundraising.
  • Advice and Referral: Clients visited branches to ask about the Skills to Succeed Program.
  • Advice and Referral: Clients visited SayPro branches to enquire about Function in a Business Environment Programmes.
  • Advice and Referral: Clients visited SayPro Center to enquire about Computer Training.
  • Advice and Referral: Clients visited to enquire about SayPro Online Systems Programme
  • Advice and Referral: Clients visited to enquire about the Systems Support Programme.
  • Clients visited to enquire about the Office Administration Programme.
  • Clients visited to enquire about the HIV/AIDS Course.
  • Bookkeeping Programme: They were briefed on the concept of expenditure, revenue, the break-even point, account reconciliation and disbursement.
  • Systems Support Programme: Clients completed their Formative and Summative Assessments.
  • Bookkeeping: Clients were trained on the Concepts of revenue and expenditure, the fixed costs, variables and disbursements.
  • Life Skills Programme: SayPro implemented the Life Skills Programme called Skills to Succeed, empowering the youth on their careers, getting successful at work and finding employment.
  • SayPro provided daily meals to beneficiaries who attended SayPro Programmes.
  • SayPro Provided skills to the youth to monitor and liaise with the Maintenance Providers under the Systems Support programme.
  • SayPro provided skills to the youth on Bookkeeping’s double entry, contact concepts of expenditure, different types of expenditures, and different incomes.
  • On Computer Training. SayPro provided the youth with the skills to work with the Scrolling bars, command room control, taskbars, rulers and view buttons.
  • On Computer Training, SayPro provided Formative and Summative Assessments to the youth.
  • Introduction into Microsoft Office Work
  • The ribbons, quick access toolbars, backstage view.
  • Inserting and hiding the ruler
  • Trained the youth on the types of Financial Statements
  • Trained the youth in calculating markup and profit.
  • SayPro conducted community Outreach to the youth in townships where we operate.
  • SayPro enrolled new young people to participate in SayPro programmes.
  • SayPro explained to the community its impact on the community.
  • Lekgotla la ME Committee handed over their Quarterly Report to the Chief Executive Officer Neftaly.
  • SayPro introduces an Online Academy to help the youth in Africa to access SayPro Programmes.
  • SayPro upgrades its Model Development Hub in Diepsloot.
  • SayPro purchases new computers.
  • SayPro launches the first Automated Online Academy where the youth can learn from where they are.
  • SayPro commercializes its Programmes.
  • SayPro automates its Policies for a wider reach by its partners and clients.
  • SayPro launches Lekgotla la ME (Monitoring and Evaluation Committee) Nkhumeleni Ndou appointed as a chairperson, Tsakani Rikhotso (Deputy Chairperson), Rebecca Maapola (Secretary)
  • SayPro launches the Legal and Compliance Committee.
  • Peter Hitchcock, former Secretary of SayPro, passes away.
  • 2019 November: SayPro launches Lekgotla la ME Committee, and Nkhumeleni Ndou is appointed as the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • SayPro hosts its Eleventh Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • SayPro
  • Neftaly Malatjie gets renowned as the Top 100 Superbalist Award
  • SayPro implements the Hospitality Training for youth in Diepsloot in partnership with CathSETA
  • SayPro implements the Hospitality Training for youth in Diepsloot in partnership with CathSETA
  • 2017 Gold Premier Service Excellence Award by Gauteng Department office of the Premier
  • 2018 NPO of the Year by Gauteng Department of Social Development
  • Mable Lesejane (Secretary) and Octivia Dibetso (Treasurer), Neftaly Malatjie, is appointed Chairperson for Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project.
  • Dennis McCarthy (Chairperson), Kobus Kleyn (Secretary), Ncazelo Mlilo (Deputy Chairperson), Pearl Nkosi (Member), Nicky Vernon (Treasurer), steps down SayPro as Advisory Committee.
  • SayPro hosts its Tenth Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • SayPro Accreditation with the MICT SETA expires on 22 September 2017.
  • SayPro partners with Let God be You Foundation to launch the SayPro – Tanzania
  • SayPro Accreditation gets renewed with the MICT SETA.
  • SayPro hosts its Ninth Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival in partnership with Arts and Culture Trust.
  • 2016 Honorary Award by the Presidency South Africa
  • 2016 Drum Magazine Youth Entrepreneur
  • 2016 Finalist Young Independents
  • June Law (Treasurer) and Charlene Deacon (Chairperson) steps down from the SayPro board.
  • Dennis McCarthy (Chairperson), Kobus Kleyn (Secretary), Ncazelo Mlilo (Deputy Chairperson), Pearl Nkosi (Member), Nicky Vernon (Treasurer) joins SayPro as Advisory Committee.
  • SayPro hosts its Eighth Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • SayPro completes its Poverty to Jobs Strategy and launches the ACTION TEHE Strategy to empower 20 000 youth by 2020
  • Clifford Legodi starts his Ambassadorship for SayPro. He gets interviews with over 200 Media Channels.
  • 2015 Fellow Royal Commonwealth Society
  • 2015 Finalist the South African Top 10 Entrepreneurs
  • 2015 Winner Africa Growth, Innovation and
    Leadership by Frost & Sullivan Africa.
  • The final competition for the Ambassador between Diepsloot and Daveyton is held in Daveyton.
  •  Clifford Legodi gets appointed as an Ambassador for the SayPro to serve for 5 years.
  • SayPro joins the Sexual Education on Violence.
  • Pearl Nkosi from Green Beetle Branding joins SayPro as a Pro-Bono Social Media Manager.
  • SayPro hosts its Seventh Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • 2014 Fellow Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • 2014 Nominee NSFT BHP Billiton Award
  • A competition is held for youth for an Ambassador.
  • An entrepreneurship education programme for 15 young people starts. Herbet Shungube, Clifford Legodi and Dikeledi Seshwene are noted as members of the Entrepreneurship Education.
  • SayPro receives its 5-year accreditation from the MICT SETA in South Africa.
  • SayPro hosts its Sixth Dance Festival.
  • Neftaly Malatjie signs the SayPro Quality Assurance, Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • 2013 Top 30 young people to look for
  • 2013 SayPro CEO Neftaly Malatjie is appointed as one of the 12 Finalists of the  2013 Anzisha Prize
  • 2013 SayPro Project CEO Neftaly Malatjie gets appointed the Fellow Anzisha Prize
  • Ulrike Schottler from Ulrike Coaching becomes Volunteers to become Coach to SayPro staff members.
  • SayPro hosts its Fifth Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • 2012 Nominee Google Zeitgeist
  • 2012 Fellow Fetola Legends
  • 2012 Winner Fetola Best in Sales
  • 2012 Fetola Best Newcomer
  • SayPro hosts its Fourth Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.
  • SayPro launches its new site in Diepsloot.
  • SayPro appoints its first Board Membership since registration.
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project wins the 2011 Shoprite Community Network.
  • SayPro hosts its third Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Festival
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Cultures wins the 2010 Winner Shoprite Community Network.
  • SayPro hots its second Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Festival
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project gets registered with the South African Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation.
  • SayPro hosts its first Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Festival.
  • In 2008 Neftaly Malatjie wanted to continue his vision to change how young people think about themselves and their families.
  • He then started to research how to formalise the institution Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project.
  • The journey was quite tough for him as he was only 17 years and had to have a formal institution in South Africa.
  • Neftaly Malatjie had to wait for 2009, when he was 18 years to register the organisation.
  • Neftaly Malatjie spent most of his time at home trying to figure out what can he do to ensure that the journey never stops.
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Group is his baby dream, and the vision must go on as he anticipated.
  • Neftaly Malatjie heard about the MaAfrika Tikkun Computer, Journalism and Photography Programme.
  • He joined the programme, and part of his journey was to document, take pictures of the community.
  • Neftaly, Malatjie had the tough task to take complex pictures.
  • Which he did, and he was rewarded with a Certificate.
  • Neftaly Malatjie met Mr. Joel Rameetse who was a caretaker at SANCA Central Rand in Diepsloot.
  • Mr Joel Rameetse informed Neftaly Malatjie about the Volunteering Programme at SANCA Central Rand. He advised Neftaly to submit his Curriculum Vitae (Resume) to be part of the Volunteers.
  • Neftaly Malatjie wrote his CV from his old PC and went to the internet Cafe, and He printed it.
  • When he submitted the Curriculum Vitae, he met the then SANCA Central Rand Director, who appointed Neftaly Malatjie to continue his dream.
  • Neftaly Malatjie continued his dream about SayPro to change the Youth.
  • In 2007 Neftaly Malatjie was 16 years in Grade 12.
  • He had to step away from the group in Akani to commit to his Grade 12 (A final high school grade in South Africa).
  • He now continued the transformation journey and kept the young people busy at Rabasotho Combined School in Diepsloot.
  • Here his members were between 18 and 23 years old whilst Neftaly Malatjie was only 16 years old.
  • Neftaly Malatjie learnt leadership from 2005 and 2006. He knew that these members were older than him.
  • We note clients such as Wages Khutjo Matlaila, who was part of the group here.
  • They met during school break at 11:00 – 12:00 because Neftaly Malatjie had to attend after school programme.
  • They never had the chance to perform outside the school due to schooling commitment, and Neftaly Malatjie had to attend Saturday Schools.
  • Neftaly’s commitment was too tight.
  • Neftaly passed his Grade 12 (Final High School Grade), and he could not return to Rabasotho Combined School.
  • Those clients he had gone to in Grade 12 could not continue with them anymore as they had to commit to their studies and complete their final grades.
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project continued at Akani Diepsloot Foundation, where they performed different artistic talents.
  • Group members were between 13 years and 16 years.
  • We also added other components such as Theatre, Poetry and Dance to the group.
  • The group grew from 60 members to 130 members in the year 2016.
  • We saw an improvement in the plays and performances that SayPro clients showcased.
  • New roles emerged where Neftaly Malatjie offloaded the roles to other members such as scriptwriter and entertainment manager.
  • We note clients such as Jonathan Selamolela and Gift Xander, who was part of this group.
  • Neftaly Malatjie founded the Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project, focusing on Arts and Culture, majoring in Dance.
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project was founded on 26 June 2020.
  • This was during the school holidays when Neftaly Malatjie was free from the activities of the school.
  • Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project performed at Akani Diepsloot Foundation and participated at the Market Theatre Foundation, showcasing its performances and work of art.
  • The group grew from 30 members to 60 members.
  • Neftaly became the Artistic Director of Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project.

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