The Beauty Of Arts And Culture

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Arts and Culture defines who we are, what is our identity if we do not understand our values and norms? There is a lot of beauty that comes within embracing culture.

Culture simply highlights who we are, where we are from, our clans and beliefs. Which also makes it so easy to be identified and understood by just the culture one follows or the language spoken. Arts can simply be defined as paintings, drama, drawings, sculptures while culture is about beliefs, norms and values followed by a specific group or societies which forms as an identity for that particular group.

Arts is also a form of communication as it allows people from different cultures to communicate through music, expressions and also stories. For example, Venda people and their drawings tells a story about them and the passion behind their culture, khoi san people expressed their views and told stories through their drawings on rocks.

The National Heritage Council is a statutory body that is aimed at bringing equity to promoting heritage and conservation. It was officially established on the 26th of February in 2004.

The Heritage councils objective is to enable environment for preserving, protecting and also promoting South African heritage. Arts and Culture is valued and appreciated, it is celebrated and also studied as a subject or course. It is important for people to also embrace and celebrate culture.

There are a variety of careers in Arts And Culture, namely drama, dancing, opera, languages and also poetry. However Cultural awareness can be made in many different ways and in platforms. On the 24th of September heritage day is celebrated annually, South Africa has eleven official languages however there are eleven norms and beliefs that are followed. Usually on such days societies wear their respective cultural clothes and there will be events, ceremonies and performances hosted by different cultural groups to show their creativities through clans, dances and paintings.

Southern African Youth has peoples interest at hearts, It promotes arts and culture as the most important social aspect of life. It encourages the youth to keep on preaching about culture, it is aimed at ensuring that the coming generations know their identity and they keep the cultural spirit continuing.

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