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Neftaly Malatjie CEO

Mr. Neftaly Malatjie is Southern Africa Youth Project’s founder and Chief Executive Officer reporting to a 6-member board of directors. Mr. Malatjie has 17 years’ experience in Youth and Entrepreneurial Development. As the overall lead, his external facing role includes fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. He provides coaching, guidance, direction, and leadership to the project team and project manager in relation to various issues, risks, activities, general management, and project approach.

Southern Africa Youth Project Clifford Legodi
Clifford Legodi Acting General Manager

Mr. Clifford Legodi is Southern Africa Youth Project Acting General Manager reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Legodi has 4 years’ experience in Communication and Project Management. Mr.  As the Acting General Manager, his role includes Project management, Strategic execution and overall management of the team.  Mr.  Legodi holds a Bachelor Degree from Southern Business School.

Southern Africa Youth Project Nancy Nghonyama
Nancy Nghonyama Strategic Partnerships Manager

Mrs. Nancy Nghonyama is the Strategic Partnerships Manager of Southern Africa Youth Project reporting to the General Manager and the Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Nghonyama is very passionate about community development and has 6 years’ experience in resource mobilization and partnerships. She provides Fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Donor Management, and Volunteer Recruiting. Mrs. Nghonyama holds a degree in Conservation, Tourism and Sustainable Development from North West University.

Southern Africa Youth Project Tsakani Rikhotso
Tsakani Rikhotso Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Ms. Tsakani Rikhotso is the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of Southern Africa Youth Project, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Rikhotso has been working for Southern Africa Youth Project for more than 10 years. Her role is to ensure that Southern Africa Youth Youth’s continues to empower the lives of young people.  Ms.  Rikhotso provides Data management, Microsoft Office, Data analysis, Report Writing, and Facilitation

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Rebecca Maapola Administration Manager

Ms. Rebecca Maapola is the Administration Manager of Southern Africa Youth Project and reports to the General Manager. Rebecca has over 6 years ‘experience in Administration and Human Resources. Her role includes donor reporting and administration. She provides Human Resources Management, Microsoft Office, Report Writing, Data management, Asset management, Facilitation.

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Linah Ralepelle Service Consultant

Ms Linah Ralepelle is the Service Consultant of Southern Africa Youth Project where she leads the role of Advisory service Consultants. Ms. Ralepelle has been working for Southern Africa Youth Project for over 6 years. Ms. Ralepelle works directly with the programs where she recruits and registers beneficiaries for programs. Ms. Ralepelle has skills in Data management, Microsoft Office, and Administration.

Southern Africa Youth Project Mulalo Mavhungu
Mulalo Mavhungu Finance Manager

Mr.  Mulalo Mavhungu is the Financial Manager of Southern Africa Youth Project reporting to the General Manager and the Chief Executive Officer, He has over 4 years’ Financial Management experience. He provides Bookkeeping, Business management, financial management, Budgeting, Internal Audit, and Microsoft Office. Mr. Mavhungu holds a Diploma in Financial Management from Vhembe TVET College.

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