Strategic Partnerships Manager Report 2018

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Foreword from Strategic Partnership Manager

SayPro has traveled a long journey where we have seen so many young people changing the way they think about themselves. We have seen young people becoming independent without relying on their families for survival.

We have seen SayPro strengthening families where some of the beneficiaries were separated from their families. Today SayPro has empowered thousands of youth from Limpopo and Gauteng.

We acknowledge all the partners who have filled the puzzle where they have contributed with money, resources  and time towards the organization. On behalf of SayPro beneficiaries, we are very grateful to still be your partners. I am very excited to be reporting about the activities that took place in Marketing for the year 2018.

Nancy Nghonyama: Strategic Partnership Manager


SayPro is a youth development organization established in 2005 with the aim of creating a culture of inclusion and expands access to ICT-based work and life readiness skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship among disadvantaged and vulnerable young people aged 18 – 35 years in South Africa.

SayPro has gone through a great height of challenges one of them is to answer to the community what are we doing, where are we, where are those people we are claiming we have empowered.

SayPro is a non-profit organization that depends in sourcing funding for its survival and we do this by proposing to different institutions for help such as government, private, individuals, and corporate. Since 2005, the organization has been practicing different marketing strategies that did help the organization from one level to another.

The marketing team was getting full support from the management of the organization, we had all the resources to deliver the in terms of reaching SayPro targets, as a person or department there has to be improvements compared to the previous year. With the full support from the CEO Mr. Neftaly Malatjie, we managed to learn many things which is I can compare today and 2019 I will say the Marketing team is on point and know what they are doing compared to previous years.

In 2018 Marketing department was a team of 6 members who were doing different roles on daily basis.

Below is the Strategic review for the activities that took place in the year 2018, as the Marketing team we are happy because we managed to secure 2 funding that assisted SayPro as an organization to empower young people in communities of South Africa. We also manage to build relationships and maintain it even today. SayPro thought it partnership managed to secure the Sterkenikor eyeglasses project that assisted children with the problems of eyes in 3 schools in the community of Diepsloot.

The marketing team is pleased to report on the progress, challenges, achievements, and way forward of the Strategic Partnership department for the year 2018.

Proposal writing

As a Marketing Manager, I will say 2018 it has been a tough year for SayPro in terms of raising funds, we wrote many proposals hoping to get positive results from the funders who did not happen the way we planned it to happen. We even set targets for yourself which we did not reach in the year 2018. However, the organization managed to reach a large number of beneficiaries despite the difficult year we had in terms of raising funds.

The marketing team set the target of submitting 66 proposals per quarter we managed to submit 39 which we did not reach the target we set for ourselves. These proposals we were submitting online, by email, and submitting straight to the physical address of the funders.

In 2018 SayPro and the other 4 partners we were implementing SEVISSA project that was funded by Nelson Mandela Children’s Funds which we were in the fourth year of the 5 years project. The project was for adolescent girls and boys in 3 schools of Dieplsoot. We were also implementing the Department of Social Development project where we were empowering the youth with skills development that will help them to find employment, this project with DSD started in 2011 but we apply for funds every year.

In 2018 we Marketing we submitted the following proposal to different funders. From all the 39 applications we submitted only 2 were approved and 9 were declined. Below is the proposals we submitted for the year 2018 from January to December. The marketing team did follow up on the proposals that were not responded to the response we got was they are busy reviewing SayPro application; some just withdrew the call for proposal due to their known reasons.


As Marketing department we set a target to reach 30 visitors every quarter, but we managed to reach 22 visitors which we did not reach SayPro target. We use to invite the visitors to come for site visits and see the work that we do as an organization and out of these meetings that is where we formed new relationships and maintain them. We had visitors who visited SayPro because they saw the work that we do on SayPro website some we got them from ‘’For Good’’ which was SayPro online channel for Marketing.

SayPro received 22 visitors for the year 2018 which they came to the organization for partnership, site visit, and to hand over the donations to the beneficiaries.

Below is the visitors that visited SayPro in 2018 from January to December:

  • Africa from Fourways for training and provide lunch for SayPro beneficiaries
  • Kalleo People Group for a site visit
  • Nalisha Pillay- Sterkinekor- Site visit
  • Debbie Muday-Deltamune- training
  • Athe Nkosi- Media company- meeting
  • Melikhaya Rumuleto- HIDSA/MAGI- site visit
  • Dipuo Makoko- Fourways- training
  • Sipan Sithole- Pretoria- handover donation
  • Takalani Makhado-Johannesburg- site visit
  • Matlaba- Department of Labour – meeting
  • Prasenjit Snha- Bold Digital- meeting
  • Thandeka Mpoe-Accenture- meeting
  • Mampe- NMCF & Comic relief – site visit and meeting
  • Musiga Namodi- SETA- meeting
  • Tobi Ayo Belio- IT Group- meeting
  • Sananah Ginda-USAID- site visit
  • Mzandile Phephani-Pretoria – site visit

Digital Marketing

  • Communications have improved and we have introduced another portal ( Instagram) that also assists in directing young people to SayPro center and this is linked to SayPro Facebook account of which already has 4 675 followers that are now following SayPro Instagram account.
  • I have dropped the number of posts on the website to 5 posts per week as this helps in avoiding repeated posts and allows website viewers receive and that is current and relevant.
  • I am also sending Pearl from Green Beetle Branding pictures explaining what is happening daily at the organization.

Below there is an indication of posts as per months within this quarter and they are inclusive of all the activities that take place daily with SayPro.

Our website is doing very well as we are able to reach more than 7 379 in 12 months; however, we are unable to trace whether SayPro views are bringing people into the organization. I have developed a survey that will indicate how people found out about SayPro and this will help SayPro determine which one of SayPro social media portals, Facebook, Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is bringing more people.

  • Membership- {Facebook: 4 675, LinkedIn: 29,981
  • Young people are asking about the training programs that we offer at SayPro.
  • We have an Instagram account that consists of both or Facebook followers and other NGOs that are doing similar work.
  • We are happy to announce that SayPro beneficiaries are no longer complaining about certificates, as they have received them.

6 young people from Pretoria, Cosmo City, and Alexandra enquired about SayPro training but couldn’t come due to lack of transport fairs, they suggested that we need to partner with organizations within their respective townships as it will help them access SayPro services.

  • We have been featured on several media platforms and below I have included a table that outlines what the interviews were about and by whom they were conducted.
  • We have not been nominated for an award for this quarter but we have been featured in (3) three interviews sharing information about the work we do and how it impacts the lives of young people. Our proud feature is Destine Man Magazine.
  • We have an online advert program that we use to create online marketing materials and as well as ads that will be used by Media 24. I have included a few of t pictures and others attached to the indicators report folder.

Media interviews list

Name of Media Company Topic
Office of the premier Premiers awards
Metro fm Feedback on the award by the premier.
Caps Radio Freedom & Expression
Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund Experience in implementing the SEVISSA program for the past 4 years.
Caps Radio Youth employment
Daily Thetha Youth employment
Destiny man magazine Top entrepreneurs under 40
Le manech Foundation Experience on Refugee program


We had online Marketing channels to assist SayPro in sourcing donations from across the country, the channels were for good, LinkedIn, website we even use to send emails to companies requesting a donation that can assist in the organization. The marketing team developed a donation request letter that we use to send to different proposals however companies responded but in the end, they did not assist us. Some people donated their time to come and spend time with SayPro afternoon kids by then.

SayPro received donations from 11 companies in 2018. Below are the companies that donated to SayPro in 2018 from January to December. The donation received made SayPro work easy as an organization as it assisted SayPro in empowering young people in the community of Diepsloot. Below is the companies that donated to SayPro and the pictures of the donations made by some of SayPro partners.

  • We have received a donation of office furniture from British airways based in Sandton and the value amount is captured within the donations information sheet, we further received 4 desktops, 2 flat screens, and 2 laptops. Email:
  • We also received a donation of office stuff: 15 serving trays, 5 blinds, 1 magazine stand, and two coffee machines together with 6 office chairs.
  • We received groceries by Food forward SA and the food is stored within SayPro kitchen and arrangements for cooking the food are made by the Admin office.

Kobus Klein SayPro secretary has also bought a table at a Gala Dinner fundraising event for 10 of SayPro staff members to join the event, to show appreciation and recognition for the amazing work that they are doing for young people.

  • Neopak- Stationery and Data
  • Viva Gym- Towels and bottles
  • United Nation- Office Furniture
  • British Airwaves- Office furniture
  • Accenture-Office furniture
  • Gauteng Office of the premier – Cash and Trophy
  • Kainos Group- They bought a table at the event for SayPro staff
  • Department of Human Settlement- Furniture

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