Often the specification adds more detailed information about the material for example which grade should be used e.g. structural steel grade 350WC which refers to the minimum yield stress of the steel. The contractor needs to ensure that the structural steel used complies with SABS 1431 and has a minimum yield stress of 350Mpa. A Grade 300W also complies with SABS 1431 but does not have sufficient strength.

The specifications sometimes require specific finishes on materials or components. The contractor must ensure that the correct finish is applied to the material before taking delivery if the finish had to be applied by the supplier.

Common practice is to provide the supplier with a copy of the relevant specification for the material he is going to provide. However, the contractor is still held accountable for incorrect material, quality or finishes and should ensure that the final installed material does comply with the specification. Only an experienced person with the knowledge and dedication to detail is suitable for checking the overall quality of the work and material. Foreman with years of experience and training does most of the quality assurance on site, and they are invaluable to the construction company.

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