**Southern Africa Youth Project Wetlands deserve a law specifically for their conservation, urbanisation

The SayPro Wetlands are our heritage, but they’re being rapidly urbanised and degraded. We need to protect these wetlands and other important freshwater systems that make up the southern Africa’s biodiversity. The SayPro Wetlands deserve a law specifically for their conservation, urbanisation, and restoration – that’s why we’re asking you to sign the petition!

The wetlands are the lifeline of many animals and plants in SA. But for how long will we be able to conserve them when there is no law protecting them?

SayPro is a campaign that aims to preserve, protect and manage wetland ecosystems. The Wetlands Act has been introduced in South Africa which was successfully passed during the 16th parliament by the ruling party.

Why is it that all of a sudden, wetlands are becoming such a big concern? These important ecosystems have been facing many threats over the years, from urbanisation to deforestation. But now we have a law in place specifically for their conservation and sustainability! The SayPro Wetlands deserve this much due to their unique biodiversity, ecosystem services and unparalleled beauty. Let’s all make sure they get the protection they need now!

A law is needed to save this rare, globally important ecosystem. SayPro, the southern African Youth Project on Wetlands, has been advocating for this since 2007. Their website is a treasure trove of information about the wetlands and its importance to our ecosystem. Like any good citizen, we should support their cause by learning more about these wetland ecosystems and how they can help us meet some of our water demands.

For years, scientists have been trying to conserve the wetlands of South Africa. They’ve been successful in some places, but not enough so as to protect them all. The SayPro Wetlands are a perfect example of why we need to do more. These wetlands are home to so many species that just want peace and quiet. But sadly, they’re being destroyed by our human population. Why would these wetland animals be threatened by man? Well because their natural habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate! It’s time for a change; it’s time for SayPro Wetlands!

SayPro is a recently-formed NGO which seeks to conserve the endangered wetlands of South Africa with the help of local residents. You can join SayPro and help save our precious natural heritage too!

**Southern Africa Youth Project Wetlands deserve a law specifically for their conservation, urbanisation

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