**Southern Africa Youth Project school’s plan to save water

The first thing we do when we arrive at school is turn on the tap and fill up our bottles. This is convenient, but not sustainable. We all know that there are better ways to get water than this. SayPro school in South Africa has come up with a brilliant idea: they plan to save water using smart and efficient methods. They have installed solar panels on their roof and have got connected to SwaRadi, a low-cost water supply system that helps you conserve your resources.

South Africa’s rains may not come for months, but SayPro school has other plans in mind. The school is installing taps where it fishes and sells water to locals. This way, the area is being conserved and the water shortage can be reduced. To begin with, they have installed 20 taps in schools, colleges and hospitals as part of their plan to conserve water.

Through SayPro school you too can become a better citizen of this world. We are watching you!

When you say “water conservation”, do you think of schools? No, not school buildings but the future generation. Children are more aware and concerned about their planet’s resources, so why shouldn’t they be a part of SayPro’s water conservation plan?

SayPro has come up with an ingenious way to educate children on how to save water. The program introduces them to new ways of living that don’t involve wasting water; for example, by installing low-flow shower heads in bathrooms or using dry hand washers instead of liquid ones. They also learn about different plants that use less water and ways to reuse it. And did we mention that this world-renowned program is provided at no cost? So pack your bags and catch the next flight!

Water may be one of the most precious resources around, but when we receive it as a gift from nature, we tend to take it for granted. The SayPro school in Cape Town is doing their bit to change this habit. They are working on a plan that will save water and use it wisely. This school has already installed rainwater harvesting systems in all classrooms and offices and they are also encouraging students to generate their own power with solar panels.

According to UNICEF, a child dies every three minutes because of poor water and sanitation services. SayPro is coming up with an effective way to save water and reduce wastage by installing an LED lights-based system that notifies the school administration when the toilet tank is full. With these new installed lights, students will be able to use clean and safe toilets without worrying about wasting precious water.

**Southern Africa Youth Project school’s plan to save water

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