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**Southern Africa Youth Project Edtech not for profit organisation

Edtech is the future of education, and Southern Africa Youth Project’s vision is to create an environment where students are inspired and thrive in their learning journey. The youth project aims at providing quality education to underprivileged children through innovative teaching methods and technology. Through Southern Africa Youth Project, students learn things beyond the classroom, improving their life skills along the way.<br>

Today’s youth face many challenges and Saypro is making it a mission to ensure that they gain the knowledge and skills required to succeed. They are training tomorrow’s leaders today, and you can help them do this by donating! With your support, Saypro will be able to provide sustainable education programs for young people across South Africa. Our team of highly-trained educators will teach students the tools they need to thrive in the workplace while also giving them an opportunity to explore their passions and develop a sense of purpose.

From our interactive computer labs where students are learning how to code to our mentorship program where business professionals share their experiences and expertise, we’re committed to providing young people with the skills they need in order for them to make an impact on their community and country. And thanks to your generous donations, we’ll be able discounts for our students so that they can attend classes without worrying about paying tuition fees.

Don’t let the number of edtech apps confuse you. Southern Africa Youth Project is a different kind of educational digital platform, where you learn and play with fun and joy. Southern Africa Youth Project has over 50 apps that teach various skills such as math, science, English, languages, drawing and much more. With intuitive user interface and convenient features, Southern Africa Youth Project is the best choice for young learners to keep up with modern curriculum.

Advertised as a digital-first, youth focused project that’s developing a global talent pipeline, Southern Africa Youth Project is an organisation that’s rewriting the rules of education. While other educational institutions are stuck in their ways and failing to keep up with the latest technology trends, Southern Africa Youth Project has been on the forefront of innovation.

By using cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, they’re revolutionising how schools teach and how students learn. And because they’re always looking for ways to accelerate their growth, they’re expanding across Africa and Asia too!

Join us today – we have some big plans for you!