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Youth in your neighborhood have been asking for support. What do you mean? You don’t know the Southern Africa Youth Project story yet, do you?

Southern Africa Youth Project is a community service program that helps youth live a better life by providing services and opportunities. The way Southern Africa Youth Project works is simple: young people ask for help, we help them with their needs, and then we give them real-life skills to grow from there. Our vision is to build a nation where every child has the opportunity to succeed. With our resources and services, we can change their lives forever!

Sandton, South Africa—Doing a hard day’s work is not always synonymous with happiness. We live in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet we still suffer from numerous ills. One of these is unemployment, which affects millions of people every year. Southern Africa Youth Project Community Services aims to change that by offering them a stable job and future prospects at no cost!

Our youth program has helped over 3 million young people get on their feet. Today it is also among the top employers for youths looking for opportunities to build a career. Southern Africa Youth Project understands that there are many paths to success, and we offer training programs that will help you hone your skills and find your niche in our organization.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a teenager, living in modern-day South Africa, then you’ll want to hear about Southern Africa Youth Project! Through the project established by Southern Africa Youth Project (Southern Africa Youth Project), community services have been designed to meet the needs of this age group and help them become responsible citizens.

From workshops on communication skills and economics, to art classes, sports programs, and more — Southern Africa Youth Project is making a difference in your community by providing opportunities that will change young lives forever. Southern Africa Youth Project is working hard to create a brighter future for all of us, so why not join in? Give back to your local community today!

You see these kids every day on the streets of your neighborhood. They’re begging for money, food and other small things that we take for granted. Today, with Southern Africa Youth Project Community Services, you can play a part in transforming their lives. We believe that everyone deserves to live a happy life, but not all have the same opportunities or resources available to them. Through our youth program, we work with local organizations to provide education and health services to children in need. By bringing together the power of community and resources, we can make a real difference in their lives!

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When it comes to South Africa’s youth, many think of them as angry, uneducated, and dangerous. That is not the case at all, however! In fact, the world needs young talent like Southern Africa Youth Project Community Services to be on their feet and working for the betterment of the society.

Southern Africa Youth Project brings together bright students from local government schools with organisations that need assistance to give them skills for a rewarding and fulfilling career. With Southern Africa Youth Project, you will be able to teach your kids valuable lessons about teamwork and respect while giving them experience in a professional environment.


Neftaly Malatjie

At 28-years-old, Neftaly Malatjie is a new face in the SA Youth Project team. But what sets him apart from the rest? Well, for starters, he's a trained accountant and former McKinsey consultant. What's more, he hails from KwaZulu Natal - one of the most impoverished provinces in South Africa - and has big dreams to change his state's fortunes. In just 6 months since joining the project team, Neftaly has already made a huge impact - taking on roles such as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer to run operations for the project. He oversees everything from finances to marketing - and his dedication is not unnoticed by SACYP leaders. He is one of us now - standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other young people transforming their communities through youth engagement! It's very common for young smart professionals to be overworked and burnt out by the time they hit the big 5-0. Not so for Neftaly Malatjie. When he turned 40, he decided it was time to change his work habits and approach. So began a journey of self-improvement that has led him to becoming CEO of Southern Africa Youth Project, an award-winning non-profit organization committed to teaching kids and young adults skills that will enable them to stand on their own financially and make their mark in the world. As a humanitarian, Neftaly understands that our ability to thrive as a community is linked directly to the success of our youth - those who will become leaders in government, business, and society. He is dedicated to preparing South Africa's next generation of leaders in ways that will not only help them succeed in life today but also empower them for tomorrow. Neftaly Malatjie is the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Africa Youth Project. He holds a Master's degree in Development Studies from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and has years of experience working in development. Now, he uses his knowledge to help underprivileged youth thrive. Naftaly believes that every individual has the potential to change the world for the better and inspire others with their ideas. That's why he works tirelessly to empower young people to take charge and make positive changes in their communities. Through programs like Southern Africa Youth Project, Neftaly hopes to create a more inclusive society where everyone can achieve their goals. It is said that we shape our own lives depending on who we are and what we do. For Neftaly Malatjie, the saying holds true. After working for years in corporate America, he returned to his home country of South Africa last year with a vision - to create an organization that would help shape the future of South Africa's youth. And it is already shaping up to be an inspiring one. Today, he runs Southern Africa Youth Project, a non-profit organization that provides young people with opportunities and resources necessary to succeed in life. From mentorship and job training programs to entrepreneurship classes and social media skills development workshops, Neftaly is committed to helping young South Africans realize their full potential. #InspiringChange Southern Africa Youth Project is a global movement that aims to empower youth and create change in the communities they reside in. Over the years, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into programs that aim to make a difference through education and employment. We are proud to say that Neftaly is part of this global movement that works tirelessly to make an impact on society. We look forward to collaborating with him on even more initiatives in the future! Is your data management process a bit messy? Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours on the boring task of sifting through files and records? If so, then it's time to switch to Southern Africa Youth Project! Our team of data specialists have years of experience in organizing and maintaining databases, so we can help you streamline your process and reduce errors. With our commitment to quality, you can be sure that you're getting the most accurate information possible. Give us a try today and see how much easier it can be to manage your data! Tired of using accounting software that is hard to understand and leaves you with more questions than answers? Southern Africa Youth Project is here for you! We aim to make data management easy and intuitive for anyone. Mamagohla Patricia Tsebe has a track record of success in this area, and she's providing her expertise free of charge to the youth in southern Africa. In just a few short months, they have already mastered the basics of data management, and we're excited to see what they can do next! Don't let your youth miss out on this incredible opportunity; sign them up now! What's your data worth? It's priceless, of course, because it holds valuable information about you. Information that could change how you're perceived by others and how much influence you have on decisions that affect you. That's why we at Southern Africa Youth Project are committed to protecting this data so that it can be used for the greater good. We know that when you share your data with us, it becomes a part of who you are - and we respect that. That's why we've developed privacy policies and practices to ensure your data is handled carefully. And that's why we won't sell or give away your information without your consent. From our team at SASYP, thank you for trusting us with your identity and sharing your valuable data with us. Patricia Tsebe is a data management specialist in Southern Africa. She's a pro at handling big data and knows how to keep it safe and secure. We asked her why she thinks data storage is so important, and she had this to say: "I think it is very important that companies keep their data secure, because if the wrong person gets access to your data, then they can do pretty much whatever they want with it. So keeping it secure is of utmost importance." When you're in Patricia's shoes, you understand what we mean when we say that companies need experts like her who can handle big data. And that's why the SLYP project is taking the world by storm - using this method, organizations are keeping their sensitive data safe from hackers and making sure that no one else has access to it. Ambitious and driven by the desire to make a difference, Mamagohla Patricia Tsebe is using her skills to do good. A data management specialist for Southern Africa Youth Project (SAYP), she has been part of the Sayp team for over two years now. SAYP is an association of young innovators committed to tackling some of the biggest challenges our region faces today. Together, we are scaling up innovative solutions that will improve our communities' lives for generations to come. There's no doubt that Patricia's unique skill set is invaluable in this regard - and she couldn't be more proud! From crunching numbers to designing complex websites, she is bringing her best-in-class expertise to the table every day. She is truly a shining example of how one person can make a difference.

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