**Southern Africa Youth Project collaborations between media and media pluralism

We live in a world where media is changing every second. While traditional newspapers and television channels have lost the power to control the flow of information, new platforms are being created everyday. One such platform is SayPro, a media project that aims to foster diversity in journalism and cultivate a more inclusive society by empowering young people from all backgrounds with an opportunity to create their own media projects. When we hear about media pluralism, we tend to think only of mainstream publications that are not afraid of sharing their opinion and reporting on stories that do not paint everybody with the same brush. But SayPro is so much more than that!

SayPro is involved in various collaborative projects that aim at bridging divides through dialogue, understanding and tolerance rather than silencing them. Last year saw an increase in social activism triggered by the mainstream South African youth who for the first time began speaking about issues like gender equality online rather than behind closed doors. With Saypro comes empowerment, awareness and understanding – all necessary ingredients to making our world a better place!

SayPro is a project that aims to reduce media illiteracy and increase media literacy in South Africa. By collaborating with various news organizations, SayPro’s social media presence has grown rapidly over the years. Through its Twitch stream, people across the globe can get to know about what life is like for South Africans as they face all kinds of discrimination and oppression. And now SayPro will be launching its own television channel soon!

Media and media pluralism often go hand in hand. But imagine a situation where these two are working together to empower young people from across the region? Meet SayPro, a major initiative created by Southern Africa Youth Project (SayPro) aiming to engage young people through their different media platforms.

Through SayPro, youth are being given the opportunity to participate in shaping of the media landscape. They are helping build a democratic, free press that can continue providing quality information and entertainment for everyone’s benefit. And with the help of brands like yours, they will be able to do something about it!

Social media has completely transformed the way we communicate, interact, and engage with each other everywhere in the world. But how do you apply this concept to a different space? Just like SayPro who engages youth from across South Africa in creating videos that discuss social issues and proactively take part in media pluralism. Through online collaboration and mentorship, these young people learn how to use social media as a tool for positive change and progress.

SayPro stands on ground that all of us can agree upon – Media is an important resource that should be accessed by everyone. Whether it’s through television or a smart phone application, there’s no denying it’s impact on our day to day life. Allowing constituents access to print media also comes with valuable information they can use while making informed decisions when voting or participating in conversations around important issues affecting society today.

SayPro is a collaborative media project started by the Southern Africa Youth Project (SAYP) in December 2016. The goal of SayPro is to encourage the media in South Africa to use pluralism and engage with stakeholders, while at the same time retaining public trust. Colleen Theron, the founder of SAYP, says that “SayPro gives us an opportunity to reach our community and tell their story in a way they understand.”

Pluralism does not mean giving up on a particular viewpoint or perspective but acknowledging that many different perspectives exist and are valid. By discussing issues from all sides, it is possible for diverse voices to be heard. And this important conversation can begin by working together!

**Southern Africa Youth Project collaborations between media and media pluralism

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