School Arts Programmes

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The importance of School Arts Programmes

Southern Africa Youth Project aims to contributing to the United Nations on Scientific Organisation (UNESCO’s goals to.

  • Promoting the Digital Literacy, Digital Skills through reinforcement.
  • To identify, audit the gaps in Digital Skills in the Creatives, Arts, Sectors.
  • To develop training programmes which are going to be based online supported by our strategic partners.
  • To create online Digital Skills Programmes which are to be used at Community Centers, Schools and Education Institutions.
  • To support the culture based and independent media companies with learning spaces which are to be used by the youth to acquire Digital Technology Skills.
  • Design and lead the implementation of the Cultural Operation Programmes for the Arts in  Africa.
  • As a leading youth development organisation Southern Africa Youth Project will take the initiative to lead the implementation of the Schools Arts Programmes in Africa.
Southern Africa Youth Project Nancy Nghonyama Copy

Nancy Nghonyama

Strategic Partnership Manager

Southern Africa Youth Project Tsakani Rikhotso Copy

Tsakani Rikhotso

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Masai man in the village in Africa, Tanzania, Africa- 01 February 2020

Partnership with Secondary Schools Arts Programmes

It is with notable excitement that when you want to keep learners in schools. You need to also promote the spirit of playing, creativity and cooperation.

  • Schools in Africa are filled with a burden to complete annual curricular and for their schools to out compete.
  • Whilst achieving this schools are forgetting that learners have created the hatred for schools. 
  • As they are now too focused on getting high marks.
  • When in a relationship there is no fun the relationship turns to a divorce.
  • That is why in middle and private schools they also have more extra mural activities which the learners in schools are participating in. 
    By doing so. They are encouraging the learners to enjoying going to school.
  • However, in poor or government led schools we see a different story.

The challenge with School Arts Programmes

Due to no leadership effort or an institution that is taking a lead in creating competition, excitement and performance. We have seen a huge drop in School Arts Programmes.

  • Southern Africa Youth Project is seeking to collaborate with business sector, local, provincial, district, national governments and international institutions to promote the School Arts Programmes.
  • We cannot do this without the support of individuals and institutions like yours.
  • Schools are continuing to see a huge drop in learner numbers.
  • At the beginning of Grade 1 we see over 100 million but at the end of the school grades we only see 90 000. That is 90% drop in the number of learners who remain in schools.
  • Southern Africa Youth Project has seen that learners in primary school turn to remain there because of the fun and excitement they have.
  • However, it is different on the higher grades. Where we see lots of homeworks and no extra mural activities.
Young African schoolboys running in school playground
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Our Work with Schools Arts Programmes

Southern Africa Youth Project has wide range of Schools Arts Programmes which are implemented in cities, townships and rural areas of Southern Africa.

  • School Dance Festivals: Southern Africa Youth Project hosts annual Dance Festivals
  • Southern Africa Poetry Festivals: Southern Africa Youth Project hosts virtual, regional, national and international festivals.
  • Africa Schools Cultural Exchange: Southern Africa Youth leaders in managing schools cultural exchange programmes where we bring different schools to a same location to experiences.
  •  Schools Sponsored Programmes: Southern Africa Youth Project hosts company and government sponsored programmes throughout the year. These events are held nationally, provincially and regionally.
Through the School Areas Programmes events and festivals we are able to reach to over 1 Million youth in Africa participating and showcasing their cultures and traditions.

Promoting ownership of School Arts Programmes

As a development organisation we are working on the request from over 100 000 schools in Southern Africa. Who have requested us to lead in implementing these Schools Arts Programmes.

Southern Africa Youth Project seeks to partner with corporate business, non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, international and national governments, agencies and institutions.

To enable us to roll out these programmes effectively in communities.

To partner with Southern Africa  Youth Project send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903

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