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SayPro is a registered non-profit organisation providing Youth Development Services for the youth in Africa.

SayPro collaborates and partners with more than 500 community based non-profit organisations, employers, donors, grantmakers and government departments to provide a wide range of community development services.

SayPro Youth Development Services includes:

  • SayPro HIV/AIDS: SayPro provides HIV/AIDS awareness, education, testing, condom distribution and pre and post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • SayPro Human Rights Awareness: SayPro provides the United Declaration on Human Rights and Human rights education and human rights education, support and referral services.
  • SayPro Nutritional Support: We cannot disagree that over 60% of the unemployed children and youth go to bed hungry. Through SayPro community development and youth centres, we provide meals during programmes to fully participate in SayPro programmes.
  • SayPro Gender-Based Violence (GBV): SayPro provides victim empowerment, psychosocial support, and social work services for children, women and people who have experienced violence at home or work.
  • SayPro Paralegal, Advice and Referral: SayPro provides guidance, one-on-one advisory, legal support, advisory and referral of these youth to government reorganisations, non-profit organisations and businesses that will provide service.
  • SayPro Youth Skills Development: As a leading, recognised, accredited, certified and well recognised higher education. SayPro provides over 600 certificates, diplomas, degrees, online courses, capacity building programmes, masterclasses and organisations individuals, members of organisations and government institutions.
  • SayPro Youth Employment Services: SayPro works in partnership with company based organisations departments and non-profit organisations, placing unemployed youth into jobs, further education, training and internship opportunities.
  • SayPro Youth Work Readiness: SayPro provides work readiness, life skills education, job preparation, and CV writing skills to the youth in cities, town shops and rural areas.

SayPro works with a caseload of customised them to create and follow a customised plan and suggest strategies and systems to help them reach their goals.

Our clients can refine unattainable goals into actionable plans with SayPro’s help.

SayPro encourages clients throughout the development process by focusing on their self-awareness, personal strengths, and long-held goals.

SayPro provides its clients with a variety of strategies to assist them in understanding and effectively dealing with their social skills.

In addition to developing a budget plan, SayPro also provides money management strategies for our clients to manage their finances effectively in the future.

SayPro ensures clients maintain benefit claims and are recognised.

Our team builds client confidence, recognises accomplishments and celebrates success appropriately.

SayPro provides regular social media updates on individual and collective news and success and suggestions for more expanded content.

Where necessary, SayPro makes recommendations or referrals to other services and agencies, ensuring that clients are advocated on their behalf, as needed.

SayPro follows up on developments with clients and monitors progress after any external referrals.

SayPro holds clients accountable for their inaction in a supportive but direct way, taking the necessary steps to ensure engagement with the support provision, including taking the required steps where a client is unwilling or unable to engage.

Our goal at SayPro is to ensure that our clients are fully informed about the range of services that SayPro offers and ready and willing to use them as necessary.

SayPro provides a wide range of options for clients to engage in the programme’s design, delivery, and continuous improvement through various consultation and involvement methods.

SayPro works independently as long as it follows set procedures. These include systems for the proper recording of individual sessions for each client.

A soft outcomes measurement tool is available at SayPro to help clients track their progress using the digital monitoring and evaluation system. By using this tool, clients can see both hard and soft outcomes.

SayPro provides several outcome measures in the form of statistical and anecdotal evidence.

As part of its follow-up activities, SayPro monitors the development process of clients following their departure from the support programme by the designated timeframe.

SayPro works within transparent Keeping In Touch requirements to keep in touch with ex-clients.

Keeping In Touch requirements include supervising relevant staff, students, and volunteers.

SayPro develops and maintains a professional relationship with its clients, members, and other members and maintains the highest level of confidentiality.

The company adheres to the policy and procedure guidelines that its executives approve.

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