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SayPro is an award-winning company that provides solutions for government, corporate businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals globally and in Africa. Speak to us about this solution now. Chat to us on WhatsApp down on left.

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SayPro will present the percentage of favourable media coverage maintained as the key indicator.

SayPro will ensure revenue completeness and accuracy

SayPro will provide an increase of 86% percentage collection of revenue rates and billing services

SayPro will give a 99% of clearance certificates are issued within 24 hours of payments received through the SAP Report and SAP activity report.

SayPro will ensure an increase in the municipality profitability and liquidity.

SayPro will ensure a 41% reduction of the total debt borrowing revenue ratio.

SayPro will assist the municipality with the preparation of the municipal Annual Financial Statements.

SayPro will ensure a 27% remuneration of total operating expenditure.

SayPro will ensure a 5% interest expense to total operating expenditure ratio.

SayPro will assist the municipality with economic sustainability, where 92% of the valid invoices are paid within 30 days of the invoice date. This will help in good results at the Auditor Generals report.

SayPro will assist in 100% resolution of audit findings using the internal audit report on results.

SayPro will ensure 14% resolution of external Auditor-General Audit Findings and ensure that 100% of solutions are covered. This will be supported by the management letter, the annual and quarterly dashboard. This will also be supported by the mayoral committee minutes.

SayPro will ensure that there is 100% compliance in 3 days or earlier in response timelines for submitting the Annual Performance Report. This will be supported by the SDPCR tracking report signed off by the municipality executive committee.

SayPro will ensure a 60 days cash or cost coverage excluding unspent conditional grants.

SayPro will target favourable coverage and approve annual evaluation of events.

SayPro will present quarterly municipality media monitoring reports with statistical data.

SayPro will conduct the municipality annual evaluation closeout report with trends of coverage including the stories.

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