SayPro LMS – Learning Management System

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SayPro provides a tech-powered LMS – Learner Management System and platform that supports content delivery by a studio of high-quality consultants, trainers and coaches.

SayPro System supports the delivery of self-directed learning modules and has actual content on priority areas.

SayPro Support hand-holding and dynamic coaching capabilities, cohort-based small group coaching, regular mastermind meetings and masterclasses.

SayPro Support lives virtual instructor-led sessions where users with similar needs can engage a facilitator in a virtual class.

SayPro System should support user analytics, gamification, competition, and rewards that will drive usage.

SayPro Have a platform to support experience sharing, debates, discussions, learning “watercooler” spaces.

SayPro Support an exclusive anonymized learning space that will allow users to share openly on sensitive topics.

SayPro Ability to host several simultaneous online pieces of training, video meetings, sharing and hosting of content (PDFs, PPTX, Videos)/ slack-like interactions and chats, and integrating web and mobile for those who will not always have internet access.

SayPro LMS – Learner Management Solution has role-based security.

SayPro LMS – Learner Management Solution allows a system administrator to set permissions for licensed users.

SayPro LMS – Learner Management Solution allows users to update or modify/correct content with the appropriate permission level.

SayPro LMS – Learner Management Solution has workflows to allow new content to move from one stage to the other for review with online approvals.

SayPro LMS – Learner Management Solution be cloud compatible or SAAS.

SayPro System has a repository to hold content within the system.

SayPro The system allow integration with reputable content delivery systems/websites.