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SayPro invites individuals, international brands, corporate companies and government departments interested in expanding their shareholding and investment portfolios by investing and contributing to SayPro.

SayPro is a private company registered in South Africa and can be transferred to any other country as it is mainly the website. Currently, it is owned by 1 shareholder who holds 100% majority ownership. SayPro has a sister website called to which SayPro can transfer this portfolio. SayPro has a registered clientele of over 10 000 students who are currently registered as buyers of its services. SayPro has the potential of more than 50 000 waiting clientele who benefits from its various services.

Here are the reasons to consider contributing to SayPro:

  • SayPro has more than 10 000 students who are currently registered.
  • SayPro has increased its internet users per hour from 0 – 600.
  • SayPro generates its undisclosed revenue through sales of online services, courses, training, software and consulting.
  • SayPro is available as a shareholding and outright purchase.
  • SayPro can also be incorporated into any existing brand to increase market access.
  • SayPro has a non-profit wing that generates revenue through funders, grantmakers and sponsors.

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