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As Google Ads Manager, you are responsible for end-to-end management of our advertising campaigns using Google’s Ad Platforms, including YouTube, Google Search & GDN.

Being an effective Google Ads Manager means you’ve got some experience under your belt are ready to put your skills to work helping a passionate and fast-growing agency serving medical and dental practices with patient acquisition systems.

We’re looking for a self-starter who has a passion for creative thinking, a love for data/analytics to optimize results. You are both strategic and operational; you can learn the tools and processes needed to build well-oiled, smoothly running ad campaigns and funnels.

You’re always learning, and you are a student of the advertising game.

You also have attention to detail, and you can follow SOP.

To be a successful Google Ads Manager, you must excel at setting up, managing, tracking and optimizing ad campaigns.

You will develop and create new campaigns, constantly seeking to improve our results for clients.

You will attend necessary Zoom Meetings, Strategic Meet-ups and events as the role requires.

RESPONSIBILITIES (Tasks Associated With The Role):

  • You should have a firm grasp of current ad platforms, marketing tools and strategies and lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution.
  • Digital Marketing: Help strategize and manage all day-to-day digital marketing activities, including social media ads, landing pages, funnels and automation software.
  • Setup and Manage Ad Campaigns in Google, GDN, YouTube, Adroll.
  • Create ads using best practices and also provide your expertise in copywriting, image selection, video inclusion, headline selection, and other elements that drive successful ad creation and ad performance
  • Set up custom audiences and Lookalike Audiences
  • Setup Retargeting audiences and retargeting campaigns
  • Setup and manage tracking of standard events and custom conversions
  • Track performance daily and pay close attention to details such as Cost Per Lead (CPL). Maintain budgets and monitor ad spend
  • Lead Generation: Focus on generating leads for medical, dental, and orthodontic clients using ads and funnels.
  • Testing: Testing variables of ad objectives, copy, images, video, landing pages to optimize results.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Optimize results with A/B tests, ad optimization, funnel optimization. Run split tests and always try to improve results.
  • Copywriting: Write compelling ad copy.
  • Reporting + Analytics: Compile and analyze all the data from ad campaigns with actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Research: Always be on the lookout for ways to improve our services and processes. Mainly related to efficient and effective lead generation. Maintain the industry and research innovative ways to improve ad campaigns
  • Attend our company meetings unless otherwise approved to be absent, including but not limited to; coaching, leadership, company training, company-wide.
  • Manage detailed and structured timelines, programs, tasks, and project management systems using Asana
  • Communication: Clear and consistent internal team communications using Slack, Asana, Loom video explainers, and Zoom video calls. Identify areas that we can improve. Take your role and run with it. Identify areas we can improve, innovate and get better within our ad product and service delivery.
  • Communicate this with the team and leadership regularly in our meetings.
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