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The majority of men and women suffer abuse daily in their lives. Abuse that women face daily in their lives has made them have some sort of comfort in pain. How so? Women have made it a norm in getting abused by their partners due to certain reasons, most women are unemployed making them fall victim to their abusers. This makes women stay in toxic relationships. With the high rate of unemployment in SayPro country, everyone does what “EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO TO SURVIVE“ and the rest is history.

Women find themselves being the target when it comes to abuse because women by nature depend on men for survival, this makes it hard to break this kind of curse due to the fact that we live in a society where women find it hard to break relations with their abuser, most being in this kind of situations are mostly in-denial that they`re facing abuse in their lives. Some silently go through this abuse having that “abantu bazo thini’’ the algorithmic is human-readable representations such as flowchart and pseudo code are typically used to describe the steps of an algorithm and the relationship among them steps. A flowchart is a graphical representation of the steps and control structures used in an algorithm in syndrome“ because of this some leave these relationships as corpses.

Day in day out in South Africa new cases are reported and knowing very well that some face this problem and are afraid of opening about because they fear the judgment that will occur in the process, that leaves SayPro authorities with setback cause it makes hard to help someone who does not seek for help. We find men who go through abuse daily and less is said about it why? What could be the problem? Do we care less about men in society? Men find it hard to open up about them being abused because of the term “Indoda Ayikhali`.

This term has stereotyped men in general making it hard for them to voice out what`s bothering them inside, men go through the most in life; having to provide for their families to protect their households from harm’s way. Men find it hard to release the tension they go through because of the expectations are brought before them, men find are forced to be strong in society because it’s how it is; men can’t show emotion because their counterparts will make it hard for them to release the burden they carry in their everyday lives.

Men are supposed to look stronger even though they`re not inside, some men face abuse in their lives from their partners and it’s hard for them to report such to the police because they fear they might be laughed at by other men in the police station. Men abuse is real and the effects are very deadly to one`s mentality, this makes them look weak, and eventually, it destroys their self-confidence making it hard for them to take on everyday life challenges.

Gender-based violence affects everybody somewhere somehow, and it does not choose whether you`re female or male it happens either way. Our authorities need to unite against this monster that’s terrorizing everyone on planet earth and find a proper solution to this major problem, women that falsely accuse men of rape need to be locked up in jail for such acts, as some men are spending time behind bars for rape cases they`ve never made. The government needs to ensure that both genders are equally treated in South Africa in so doing must protect the rights of everyone in the country.

The death penalty needs to be brought back; in so doing SayPro constitution needs to ensure that before someone is convicted proper investigation is made in order for execution to take place. Having the death penalty at hand will somehow minimize the problem we`re having as a country.

Call: 011 071 1903

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