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SayPro Environmental Management Framework Writing is written, and the following aspect must be developed and then integrated to form the basis of the EMF:
• The desired state of the environment
o SayPro must use the Status Quo Report to facilitate a consultative public participation process through which SayPro will establish the desired state of the environment for the area.
o This desired state of the environment must be spatially represented in the same format as the status quo report to enable comparison.
o SayPro must compare the desired state to the Status Quo Report, all land-use planning documentation and the proposed Focus Areas.
o The desired state report may need to detail the identified conflicts over land-use planning

Proposed environmental control zones
• Based on the spatial component of the desired state of the environment/development vis-à-vis biophysical constraints and opportunities, the
study area is divided into environment and development control zones. The purpose of such strategic zoning would be to facilitate future
decision-making regarding sustainable development requirements and the acceptability of development applications. This must include a spatial
representation of such zoning within the area in respect of one or more activities in a manner that will identify –
o areas in which the undertaking of an activity should be allowed to take place without further investigation;
o areas in which the undertaking of an activity may be allowed subject to an environmental authorisation being granted in terms of these regulations; and
o areas in which SayPro should not consider the undertaking of activity;
• A strategy for maintaining productive agricultural activity on land where agriculture has been identified as a feasible and desired land use.
• A strategy for maintaining land where open space is identified as the land use of choice.
• A system to evaluate, monitor and report on progress made towards the state of the environment and land uses in the study area. A realistic set
of indicators coupled with measurable time, scales developed.
• GIS viewer, which is a spatial viewer for the EMF zones that highlights the zone and the EMP and activities suitable for the zones

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