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SayPro Elementor Editor Volunteer
SayPro Elementor Editor Volunteer


  • Great organization culture! Our different foundations, responsibility, and enthusiasm are the things that make us extraordinary.
  • We nerd out on groundbreaking thoughts, recommendations, anything that will emphatically affect our customers, and obviously, you!
  • Weve got instructional meetings in-store to assist you with step up your range of abilities.
  • With you on Boldrs side, well tackle social obligation drives together.
  • We have rest and unwinding benefits. (Youll have plentiful chance to travel any place you please! Also, well need to hear about your accounts when you return to the workplace.)
  • We likewise cap off each week with a little (a ton) of serious prepackaged games.


As a Web Developer, your work will comprise of possessing the WordPress Website. Running reviews, driving the upgrade cycle, making new pages, composing code, and tackling bugs are some of the errands you’ll be performing. Code language and Elementor information are an absolute necessity.

For what reason DO WE WANT YOU

We are currently searching for sway driven people who are enthusiastic about assisting Boldr with developing and accomplishing our Purpose. We anticipate that our Team should turn into our definitive accomplices to progress by continually giving their every available ounce of effort in all things, sharing their gifts and characteristics, and supporting our guiding principle: Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic.

How WILL YOU Respond

  • Run repeating reviews of the site and give execution based arrangements
  • Lead the upgrade of the site to develop execution and UX/UI further
  • Make new pages when essential
  • Compose code, settle bugs, and monitor all site data
  • Screen and further develop site execution
  • Adhere to Marketing directions to keep the site lined up with all correspondence



  • Instructed to degree level and additionally identical in PC designing
  • A web engineer with 2-3 years of involvement (especially in WordPress)
  • Ready to carry imaginative and compelling answers for specialized issues
  • OK with designing the board and coding devices
  • Ready to impart unmistakably in both coordinated and nonconcurrent channels
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