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SayPro is the main destination for the mobile video coming soon. Our goal is to inspire creativity and bring joy. Content and media associations, the coordinator will work within the Saypro Africa Content Societies team and support the Creator and the Community Team.

This role will operate in the SSA region and focus on supporting the team of content associations to grow and create relationships with media, issuers and other strategic partners and promote the sports platform to help support partners SayPro growth and grow a healthy ecosystem. of different and local content in SayPro.

He will also be responsible for supporting the general community of the Creator in SayPro by exchanging training, general support and finding new ways to activate the general community of the Creator. This role requires a passion for media, creativity and technology. The ideal candidate must be a motivated self-starter that is excited in quick environments and several projects simultaneously with great attention to detail.

Come with our Creator team and societies in SayPro! This will be the key to creating and developing our community strategy and associations.

Work with the team of content associations to help identify, onboard and meet content associations. Support the team of content associations on monitoring and reporting the performance and growth of partners on a regular basis and the project (quantitative and qualitative);

Support in project management and the administration of daily association activities and motivation of organic performance growth by associated accounts

Support multifunctional and cross-border campaigns and initiatives in the space associations

Introduce resources and learn creators and partners on best practices, help solve technical problems and optimize overall performance

Lead and manage events/programs to support the ecosystem of the Creator General, including training. Manage community consultations of the Creator and develop action plans to address them and help the preparation and distribution of communication.

Bachelor’s or higher, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in technology / social media / digital media/content production

2 years of project management or event planning experience.

Good understanding of the local digital media industry, with an understanding of digital video and video platforms;
Experience works with analysis tools and social networking platform tickets with a specific approach in organic content data, such as YouTube or Facebook. Experience works independently and as part of a team.

Solid organizational skills with the ability to manage various projects and various stakeholders.

Experience with multifunctional communication and stakeholder management. Ability to adapt to business needs and work in an accelerated environment. Ability to work with content partners and represents the business with high-level partners.

Try creating easily digestible deals and reports and feedback through tools such as PowerPoint
Passionate about the incubation and expansion of local content, and content creators;

Highly organized and retail-oriented with a proactive work style.
Able to work in an accelerated and multicultural environment. Excellent communicator in written and verbal form. The ability to facilitate training and workshops to help creators and partners.

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