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We demonstrate SayPros competencies and abilities

SayPro plays a major role in the ecosystem of policy makers, funders, educators, intermediaries, organisations in Health, Welfare, Social Development, Education, Skills Development, Information Technology, environment, arts and Culture, Heritage, Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS.

SayPro wishes to align itself to the United Nations (UN), UNESCO, USAID, African Union, European Union, UK-AID and SADAC policies, strategies and priorities.

We acknowledge that SayPro does not posses all the domains. However, we will outsource expertise as per project need. This shall be done on a continued basis.

SayPro Competencies in Sub-systems

Southern Africa Youth Project has different approach in dealing with the sub-systems this includes development, policies, creation, dissemination and consumption.

SayPro works with the public sector funding institutions, development organisations and the policy developers in aligning its priorities.

We see ourselves collaborating with the private sector to drive creation, consumption and dissemination  to create an important value chain through which the economic activity which will sustain the Health, Welfare, Social Development, Education, Skills Development, Information Technology, environment, arts and Culture, Heritage, Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS expression flows.

Development Competencies and Eco-systems

Influenced by the activities of our partners. SayPro SayPro brings together a high level alignment between competencies an the ecosystems.

SayPro strives to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 on Education and 8 on youth unemployment by promoting an inclusive economic empowerment whilst dealing with the other issues.

SayPro plays a facilitator, leadership and leverage role in addressing the challenges which adolescent girls, young women, boys and the youth face in communities.

Bringing parties to achieve Competencies

SayPro as a leading youth development organisation in Africa. Will on behalf of Africa’s organisation play a facilitator, leadership and leveraging role by including partners within our 1 000 non-profit partners.

SayPro will work in a virtual way to ensure that it engages all its partners to bring in their expertise on how we can best serve the well established and the newly established organisation.

Our goal is that all our partners must operate at the same level without competing. Offering the same services and expanding each partners expertise and the services across the organisations in Africa.

Our leadership role in Competencies

SayPro sees itself as a servant leader rather than know it all organisation. We will therefore through representative structures share knowledge, expertise across our 1 000 non-profit organisation partners in Africa. 

SayPro SayPro will ensure taht all its 1 000 member organisations will share evidence based intelligence. SayPro SayPro will play a well informed role in providing guidance, direction to the oganisations in our membership through the distribution and usage of policy. The implementation of engagement and other sectoral representation.

SayPro SayPro is required to ensure that it aligns its competencies and its efforts in utilisation of resources. Southern Africa YOuth will channel its efforts in a manner that enables it to scale its impact with less resources.

The competencies will include

SayPro has adopted few strategies such as a governance structures, administration abilitiy, context knowledge, intelligence and network as its competencies that shall be used across the organisation.

The competencies are defined below:

  • Governance StructuresSayPro has developed committees and structures to enable it to operate efficiently. These includes Lekgotla la ME (Monitoring and Evaluation), Finance Committee, Legal and Compliance Committee, Board of Advisors, Trustees and Consultants.
  • Administrative AbilitiesSayPro will provide services to other institutions to ensure that the system is strengthened over a period of time.
  • Context Knowledge: SayPro will share its expertise with its partners in Health, Welfare, Social Development, Education, Skills Development, Information Technology, environment, arts and Culture, Heritage, Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS.
  • Intelligence: SayPro will share its knowledge and intelligence on this website to ensure that all lessons learnt are shared with the public.
  • Networking: SayPro will work will all organisations and institutions to ensure that we share our expertise to all communities around the globe.

Our mission and Vision aligned to competencies

SayPro will ensure that its competencies are aligned to the mission and the vision of the organisation.

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