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SayPro Capacity Building for Consulates has been designed to provide Consulates, Consulate Generals and their staff to ensure that they are fully equipped, qualified and given the knowledge to compete in countries.

Consulates plays a significant role in the country where they connect local and their government based businesses to facilitate trade, cooperations, networking and support initiatives.

SayPro has seen the need to partner or collaborate with Consulates to ensure that they can increase cooperation whilst we take care of their training and capacity building.

Offering over 400 Qualifications, SayPro works with Country Based Consulates and Embassies, providing a wide range of Skills Development Programmes.

SayPro Skills Development Programmes are tailor-made to ensure that they speak to the Consulate requirements.

We offer these tailor-made Capacity Building for Consulate Programmes aligned to national qualification frameworks; however, they also contribute to achieving the outcomes as specified by the management.

SayPro Capacity Building for Consulates is structured as follows:

  • SayPro Consulate Staff Training: SayPro is an accredited and a certified training institution that provides a wide range of training programmes that are aligned to national and international priorities. Working with Consulate Human Resource, Personnel and People Management Unit. SayPro is able to manage training for Consulates from a year to a maximum of 20 years. We are able to oursource training venues, accomodation, logistics, training programmes and also provide reporting from Consulate Citi-wide, national, international and bereautic level.
  • SayPro Consulate Non-Profit Grant Beneficiaries Training: Should your Consulate be providing funding and grants to non-profit organisations. SayPro provides Capacity Building for Non-Profit Organisations.
  • SayPro Consulate Entreprereneurs-Business Training: Does your consulate works with Entrepreneurs or Businesses whether from small to large providing wide range of programmes. SayPro is able to manage all your capacity buidling for entrepreneurs, businesses
  • SayPro Consulate Foreign Client Training on localisation: Does your consulate create a space for international or your country businesses or clients to trade in the local country. SayPro is able to provide repeat and ongoing foreign client training on localisations. Client Training on Localisation is designed specifically for foreign businesses, institutions or and individuals who wants to trade locally but does not have expertise. Those local businesses needs advices and assistance on how they can trade in the local country of presence.
  • SayPro Conference and Webinar Management: SayPro is able to manage from a small to large international or local conferences on behalf of Consulates and Consulate Generals. Our role starts from event planning, recruitment, invitation, hosting, accreditations, event management, event reporting, evaluation and close-out. SayPro is able to manage from a local to international. The Conferences or Webinars will be hosted at a venue or at online using different online platforms.

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