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We can agree that Clinics have the most significant pressure on their shoulders. SayPro Capacity Building for Clinics is designed to giving the staff energy and interest to continue serving.

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Each private and public clinic experiences a high volume of people going in to access primary health care. We talk about thousands of people queue in each clinic daily, requiring medical attention and referral to public and private hospitals.

No single person can visit the hospital for further attention if it is not for the nurses who work at the clinic per day.

Having too many client’s to service, not forgetting that clinical staff are also human with their problems. Not forgetting that some nurses are forced to work for more than 12 hours per day.

SayPro is here to assist you to give them more interest, hope and the desire to serve.

SayPro Capacity Building for Clinics can do the following for you:

  • SayPro provides refresher training to clinical staff and nurses.
  • SayPro provides coaching and mentorship training programmes for clinical nursing and management.
  • SayPro provides team-building courses for management and clinical staff.
  • SayPro provides mental relief and virtual employee wellness programs for clinical staff and nurses to relieve and speak about their issues.
  • SayPro is dedicated to ensuring that your Clinic staff perform at their best whilst balancing work and life.
  • Could you speak to us about any of your needs?

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