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SayPro Administration and Recording

  • SayPro consolidates internal B-BBEE scorecard (quarterly):
  • Ensure all divisional data is reduced timeously to develop an inner scorecard in all scorecard elements
  • SayPro manages the annual BBBEE verifications by the appointed verification agency.
  • SayPro contains the BBBEE scorecard scenarios required for yearly planning and guidance.
  • SayPro Facilitates and Assists in preparation for Department of Labour inspections
  • SayPro consolidates accurate group internal scorecard for inclusion in Social and Ethics, Forum and Board pack
  • SayPro keep records of consolidations with all information utilised to draft scorecard
  • SayPro assists with the divisional internal audit process
  • SayPro schedules site visits to review internal audit files
  • SayPro conducts an internal audit
  • SayPro develops audit reports and recommendations
  • SayPro assists in coordinating group and divisional audits (annually)
  • SayPro liaises with divisions and verification agencies to ensure all deadlines are met
  • SayPro prepares files for verification agency
  • SayPro organises the development of annual gap analysis and implementation plans
  • SayPro assists with monitoring the development of actual scorecard against target scorecard
  • SayPro assists with the implementation of relevant transformation projects
  • SayPro provides monthly and quarterly reporting
  • SayPro provides inputs in the formulation of policies, practices and processes that affect BBBEE within the company
  • SayPro monitors and reports on the BBBEE spending against targets set up for various departments and divisions, including ensuring the accuracy of such information
  • SayPro manages and updates the BBBEE system.
  • SayPro works closely with the consulting company to ensure that all data submitted is complete and accurate.
  • SayPro monitors and tracks the achievement of EE – Employment Equity plan/targets and proactively make recommendations to ensure targets are achieved.
  • SayPro tracks and monitors the Skills Development expenditure for the segment and provide leadership with and partner to drive recommendations to ensure targets are achieved

SayPro Program and Intervention Design, Implementation and Management

  • SayPro monitors the implementation of various BBBEE initiatives in areas of ownership, management control, employment equity (EE), skills development and preferential procurement (PP)
  • SayPro is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of the EE – Employment Equity Plan.
  • SayPro ensures audit and verification processes of the Company’s BBBEE contributions are conducted on an annual basis.

SayPro Transformation strategy execution

  • SayPro coordinates the execution of transformation strategy and communication for all related projects.
  • SayPro tracks Company’s BBBEEE contributions and ensures the integrity of data and documentation of elements.
  • SayPro ensures Legislative compliance.
  • SayPro supports, develops and implements transformation action plans
  • SayPro coordinates the company BBBEE process
  • SayPro guides how suppliers should be evaluated and improved
  • SayPro provides support to existing suppliers to increase their BBBEE credentials
  • SayPro keeps abreast of trends, legislation and best practices within the transformation field to optimise the company.
  • SayPro educates and informs the client of developments on the B-BBEE Codes and other sector-specific issues.
  • SayPro identifies transformation risks and develops a risk mitigation plan
  • SayPro tracks and monitors identified measures to improve EE – Employment Equity

SayPro Stakeholder Engagement

  • SayPro provides guidance and play an active advisory role to business on Employment.
  • SayPro Equity, Diversity, Enterprise development and preferential procurement.
  • SayPro participates and drives discussions with internal and external stakeholders about progress in implementing the company.

SayPro Transformation plan

  • SayPro participates in stakeholder transformation forums.
  • SayPro participates and drives information sessions to highlight significant changes, challenges, strategies and action plans.
  • SayPro participates in BBBEE communication meetings.

SayPro Work Collaboration

  • SayPro builds a culture of respect and understanding across the organisation.
  • SayPro recognises the outcomes which resulted from effective collaboration between teams.
  • SayPro builds co-operation and overcomes barriers to information sharing, communication and collaboration across the organisation.
  • SayPro facilitates opportunities to engage and collaborate with external stakeholders to develop joint solutions.

SayPro People Management

  • SayPro follows through to ensure that personal quality and productivity standards are consistently and accurately maintained
  • SayPro demonstrates the consistent application of internal procedures
  • SayPro plans and prioritises, demonstrates the abilities to manage competing demands
  • SayPro demonstrates abilities to anticipate and drives change
  • SayPro demonstrate flexibility in balancing achievement of own objectives with capabilities to understand and respond to organisational needs
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