SayPro a non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives.

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SayPro a non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives.

Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered non-profit organization that aims to empower the youth through up-skilling the youth to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are around them. We do this by providing Educational Support, Capacity Building, and as well as Job placement for unemployed youth. Our programs are structured to help young people plan and make informed career choices. Southern Africa Youth Project is managed by an independent Board of Advisors and a management committee to ensure compliance, transparency, and quality services to our valued clients and partners manage Southern Africa Youth Project.

Life skills program

Southern Africa Youth Project works with migrants from rural areas to townships near the city of Johannesburg upon their arrival in the town; they find themselves in a pressure to find employment within a short space of time. The cause is the pressure to support their children, to pay rent, and for them to survive. About 70% of these youth migrants have passed secondary school grade 12. In those who have Grade 12, there is 95% of them obtained a college admission, and 5% have received a university admission to study at any university or university. However, in some two who passed with college and university admission, only 15% can enter higher education. Within 15%, only 50% of the number will be able to complete and obtain a degree or diploma. With employment, we have found out that in every ten youth, only 6 gets work. In the six, only one gets permanent employment. Five cannot keep their jobs for over two years because of anger, dissatisfaction, behavior, and demotivation.

The cause is that these youth have 1-4 children between the ages of 25 – 30 years. They also have a big family of unemployed people who relies on them for support. The cost of living is expensive as the food and clothing become a cost day in and day out. These problems create a burden for the employed youth as the amount they earn is below the expected monthly expenditures. Besides, the issues require them to seek employment to solve those problems quickly. Then a new problem arises. Where they are dismissed, and they join those who are already unemployed. This is how Southern Africa Youth Project Plans to transform the lives of the youth.

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Southern Africa Youth Project has dedicated the last 15 years towards addressing socio-economic issues that are faced by the youth of South Africa and the rest of the SADAG Region. This is done by providing Life and Work Readiness Programs for unemployed youth to help create sustainability for themselves and their family. We are using a program model called “Poverty2jobs” where we offer the following training programs: {Life skills, Work readiness, Point of Sale, Customer Service, Computer training, System Support, Systems Development, Bookkeeping, Function in Business Environment and Job Placement}.

Southern Africa Youth Project has positively affected the lives of more than 14 636 through the provision of Life and Work Readiness programs were we placed more than 80% of our beneficiaries, empowered 30 NPOs, and implemented empowerment programs in 12 schools. Our programs have enabled the youth to search, find, and sustain jobs. Southern Africa Youth Project has also worked on international employability projects to help integrate refugees into social and economic opportunities.

We can drive our vision of “changing the way the youth think about themselves” through the collaboration with communities, companies, government agencies, SETAS, Schools as well other NPOs and will continue to transform off the lives unemployed of South Africa and the rest of that SADAG region.

Southern Africa Youth Project is proud to contribute towards accelerating youth employment in rural and urban cities of Sothern Africa and change the way the youth think about themselves.

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