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Rural Youth participation is important

Southern Africa has many young people who are residing in rural areas with access to smart phones and the internet. However, the challenge they have is access to opportunities that are existing out there.

Southern Africa has identified according to International Labour Organisation that there is three foundation for youth development which are integrated into the countries National Development Plans and Youth Development Policies:

  • Productivity: SayPro understands that the youth needs to be given a chance to be productive. The more they spend the time sitting doing nothing. It can negatively impact on their well being and positiveness.
  • ConnectivitySayPro believes that when the youth have access to the internet they must be productive and use the internet for their development and growth.
  • UrgencySayPro believes that the youth needs not to waste the time in dealing with socio-challenges that their communities are facing.

Rural Youth Participation in decision making is important

When the youth are involved in decision making, they are given the ownership, control and strength that they own the process. Therefore it is important to involve the youth in the decision making processes.

SOuthern Africa Youth Project believes taht getting the youth to intervene in decision making it helps the interventions to be more active to the youth need and it enables them to take ownership of the policies and the initiatives that are brought to them.

SayPro sees participation is as an importnat thing in all conferences and sessions led and managed by government departments and convensions.

When they participate in programmes at international and national level they therefore take ownerships and develop programmes at community level which are more effective and changes the lives of other youth in communities. Also on the other side SayPro will then boost their morale and self esteem to believe that tehy can do this.

Rural Youth Participation mechanisms are important

SayPro does at national and local situations need to ensure that there is active participation of the youth in rural areas. This is whhy SayPro establishes youth committees at school level.

The aim of the youth commitees at school level is to engage young people to see things differently. To participate in national parliaments, dialogues, conversations and talks which will enable them to come up with initiatives that will keep them busy and engaged at a local level.

We see this as important as an organisation as it creates a space for young people in rural areas to see them as part of the ecosystem and that they are not excluded. However they need to take ownership and solve their own problems which they face at local leve.

Our role in Monitoring of Rural Youth participation

SayPro works with the youth in schools and rural based non-profit organisations whom are included into national and international consortia discussions and capacity building.

The long term goal of SayPro is to ensure that there is equality between the youth in cities and those in rural areas.

How do we see ourselves achieving this:

  •  SayPro introduced an online all in one system which organisations in cities, townships and rural areas can be able to access it for information, sessions and programmes.
  • We provide joint trainings for all organisations directors, programmes staff, data capturers in the same time.
  • Giving them the same tool for their Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • With this tool non-profit organisations in rural areas are also treated the same as the ones in cities.
  • SayPro then ensures that non-profit organisations gets to access similar type of support.

Rural Youth Participation in Policy

SayPro as the best non-profit organisation and the leader in Youth Development sees itself and its 1 000 member non-profit organisation in cities, townships and rural areas.

  • We see ourselves supporting national governments and the international communities in executing and implementing programmes at both local and international level.
  • Through the implementation of SayPro programmes we need to ensure that we support policies and making sure that SayPro 1 000 member non-profit organisations are buying into and supporting national programmes.
  • As a leading content developer and project manager SayPro will provide trainings to organisations as per their country to ensure that the work we are currently implementing is currently supporting the national policies and the national development plans of such countries.

Supporting Rural Youth Participation enabling them to thrive

SayPro understands that youth participation cannot be successful if there are no results. Understanding that just like children the youth needs to be supported to grow individually.

  • SayPro through its programmes we are able to support the youth in rural areas to improve on their social and emotional competence for them to grow.
  • SayPro enables the youth to move from nothing to be something. This is documented in SayPro alumni page.
  • SayPro empowers the youth to take the ownership of their own lives and for them to understand and see that they are the ones to take care of their own lives without relying on governments or individuals for their growth.

Why does Rural Youth Participation matters

Every child who has attended pre-school or faced difficulties have the same aspirations which is to grow. However, with shaking economies the reality of this happening are minimal.

At SayPro we engage the youth in rural areas as we see it matters that we should integrate them into programmes to ensure that we create role models in rural areas who are going to change the other youth’s lives.

SayPro see this matter as the information is made available on big scale. However, the organisation

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