Risks to be looked at on article writing

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There are lots of risks to be looked at on article writing and professional writing

When writing articles you need to be very careful of what you say and also where how you present the information on SayPro site. This may have a negative effect on the SayPro.

Here are the things to look at when writing an article for us:

  • Avoid Copy and Paste: As a writer, you need to ensure that you do not copy and paste into SayPro sites. We do not want information that has been copied from other sources. Solution: You can read from their site and write in your own thinking.
  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism involves copying someone’s information or another companies information and pasting it into this site without acknowledging them. Solution: You need to ensure that you reference the source of your information.
  • Avoid using real names on information that should be confidential: When sharing stories you may use false names to refer to stories of individuals as we do not want people to be humiliated because they were written on this site.
  • Avoid insults, adultery words and words that can affect human rights: Even though we continue to write we need to ensure that we do not write information that could lead SayPro to be seen as an adultery site or otherwise violating human rights.

Happy writing.
Risk management concept avoid, accept, reduce and transfer

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