Project: Youth in poverty face multiple barriers, not the least of which is access to education. That’s why we’re investing in this group as they aspire to a brighter future.

Youth Project South Africa wants to see more young people graduate from schools and universities, and move on to fulfilling careers that can help them lift out of poverty. By adding their voices and experiences into our research, we will be able to make sure that these youth get all the support they need when they need it most. And because the barriers are so many, Youth Project South Africa is committing significant resources toward increasing access to education for those who need it most.

Don’t let your dream go unfulfilled – join us for change!

South Africa has a youth unemployment rate of over 40% and more than 500,000 young people unemployed every month. We understand that these statistics affect the lives of more than just the youth-they also have an impact on their families, communities, and economies. That’s why our Southern Africa Youth Project focuses on helping young people find meaningful work in their communities.

–|We believe in empowering South Africa’s youth to be part of the solution rather than being merely a problem. Our aim is to change perceptions about what work looks like for young people today as well as offering them opportunities they can’t get anywhere else to develop their skills and find true purpose in life.

Through our program, you get access to exciting career opportunities that will help you grow your skills and make a difference in your community!

When it comes to research and development, you can’t really go wrong with the Southern Africa Youth Project. The global leader in youth-focused innovation, the SARY is committed to advancing society through sustainable solutions created by young people for young people.

The SARY works with partners around the world to develop new and innovative solutions that address critical issues facing our communities today. We do this by engaging with local stakeholders and identifying their needs, then developing those solutions from scratch using cutting-edge technologies.

We have one goal: to create positive change in our neighborhoods by creating powerful tools that empower our youth to take action and make a difference. See what we’re doing already here in Oakland!

Youth are the future. They are not only the future of our country, but also of the world! Youth take decisions that affect and shape our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. We want them to be empowered and given equal opportunities, to live a life filled with achievements and success. That is why we proudly present to you SASYP -the largest youth summit in Africa! Over 2,500 youth from all over Southern Africa will come together this year for four days of inspiring talks, workshops, and fun activities!

Your chance to meet some of the leading young people in your field in one place will be here. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from their expertise and watch them grow into leaders of tomorrow.

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