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We share Reports of SayPro.

SayPro leads in reporting on its Administrative, Management and Community Development Work.

Our work includes:

  • Annual Performance Reports: SayPro shares his annual performance report to the public at least once a year to make sure that the public is fully involved in the progress that has been made the results of her current work as well as day what we are planning to implement in the coming Financial Year. The Chief Operations Officer issues the annual performance report with the permission provided by the Chief Executive Officer, including the board’s office. The annual performance report integrates all the results and the milestones that have been achieved. The Annual Performance Reports ensure that people are informed to learn more about the work that we have implemented during the financial year. The public is allowed to ask questions where necessary.
  • Board Members Report: Depart as mandated by the founder of SayPro Neftaly Malatjie. They are required to issue an annual board members report comprised of three or four quarterly reports as their meeting sittings. The board report will ensure that they integrate the SayPro performance report and information on the state of SayPro. The board will report how SayPro has been able to achieve and fail on its deliverables and milestones. The committee is mandated to ensure full performance and compliance by SayProstaff. Also, they take the responsibility to ensure that SayPro can become a sustainable and self-growing institution.
  • Annual Statistical Reports: Statistics is essential to saypro and SayPro to be able to inform the public as a whole how we have been able to impact the lives of those in need. SayPro help introduces as well as present statistical reports on a quarterly as well as annually. To ensure that the public can see those results and the report presents what has been achieved.
  • Chief Executive Officers Report: The chief executive officer issues a quarterly report presented to the board every quarter and as per the need of the board. The CEO ensures that the report covers issues of operations finance resource mobilization and the statistical results of the quarter. The CEO is accountable to the board and is also responsible for ensuring that the report is reported with integrity, ethics, and accountability. The CEO does not write the information alone. He is assisted by the chief operations officer, the general manager, and the case staff internally.
  • General Managers Report: The general manager reports to the chief operations officer to ensure that he provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the state of progress on all activities and the programs being implemented. The general manager’s information will include statistics, direct actions, and the challenges faced throughout the financial year or the reporting period.
  • Strategic Partnerships Manager Report: Strategic partnership is a critical component of SayPro. SayPro has put the responsibility for the street of Strategic partnership manager to ensure that they go out into the community race projects, get funding, do sales and partner with other institutions to ensure that they maximize the resources for SayPro as an institution. The strategic partnership manager will be responsible for ensuring that they regularly report on how they’ve been able to raise partnerships and resources.
  • Sustainable Development Goals Reports: SayPro is on a mission to achieve international goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Throw its board members’ reports SayPro will ensure that they report how safe contributing to the sustainable Development Goals. The information also will ensure that it says on the country’s performance and the alliance with the national requirements. The report will be presented by the board as written by the office of the chief executive officer and the chief operations officer.
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