Report on Community Advice Office 2016

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SayPro aims to empower young people in the community by providing them with programs. Young people have platform where the engage with other beneficiaries regarding the challenge that they are facing in their life on a daily basis also prepare them in a working place.

We are using Soweto Care System by capturing and tracing statistics of SayPro clients and communities use Soweto Care System information on beneficiaries, employees, beneficiary interventions, needs, and programs are captured, updated, and retrieved in detail. We are also able to create profiles for beneficiaries and employees, attendance registers, work schedules as well as comprehensive reports for management

The organization has found out that youth at the age of 18 to 35 have completed secondary school but because of there are background they do not have money to further their studies, therefore we introduce different activities in the center help to extend their career expect Facilities are the most challenging issue in SayPro organization, because if we have to accommodate a large number of people in a small place that course shortage number of beneficiaries. Moving forward management need to come up with the plan that can help with this situation to avoid working on a loss.

Linah Ralepelle: Service Consultant

SayPro implements advisory, referral and paralegal services to unemployed Youth in townships, rural areas and farms of Southern Africa.

Our Advice and Referral program focuses on providing the youth and community members with information on services offered at SayPro and other Community Based Organizations.

Beneficiaries that access services from SayPro center within the last Four months were requesting for assistants for the following:


Ø  Assisting clients with typing documents, scanning, laminating, emailing and faxing, copying and printing.

Ø  Ensure that files for programs are in order and well packed.

Ø  Build positive and productive relationships with clients.

Ø  Responsible for printing out daily programs registers and advice and referral files.

Ø  Registering and assisting candidates with job application.

Ø  Managing staff clock sheet.

Ø  Online school application.

SayPro provides advice and Referral services to help unemployed youth gain access to various forms of support and social services from different community based organization.

During the time team recruited beneficiaries for courses that were set to start in the year of 2015/16. Clients registered and enrolled for training programs starting with Life Skills, waiter, cashier and, they were later enrolled for End User computing.

SayPro has managed reached 260. They have received information, advisory, referral and linkages through SayPro case management system in collaboration with community development organization, state institutions, and businesses who have made it possible for SayPro to create impact to the lives of the Youth in communities.

Highlights and Success stories

· National certificate in information technology –end user computing
· Further education and training certificate –technical support
· Further education and training certificate –systems development
· MICT Seta Accredited
· Our advice desk office is now very spacious. We are now able accommodate more
beneficiaries than before

Challenges and recommendations

1As we are using Soweto Care System to trace the statistics number on SayPro database, the problem is in 2015 to 2016 do not have the overall stats  which will be difficult to find the correct number for that financial year.

 2. The biggest challenge came with renovations that took place in July as we had to pause one-on-one sessions with beneficiaries and this further affected impact. We are however glad that this process happened because it allows to reflect and upgrade SayPro systems to ensure that

3.Electricity has been gone since October and we have been using a generator which has made a bit difficult we did not have electricity and that limited SayPro services because beneficiaries wanted to start programs but had to be added to the waiting list.

Take Away

We would like to extend SayPro gratitude to Office of the CEO and Its executive team for their continued support for them to ensure that we continue to change the lives of young people, With that said I would like to thank team for making this impact to SayPro youth by helping them to change the way the think about themselves.

Psychosocial Support: Awareness, Outreach and Social Assistance

29 beneficiaries who attended the Awareness program received shopping bags and daily meals
– 1 beneficiary received grocery for the month. Miriam is one of SayPro beneficiaries. She stays alone and she is not working. She visited SayPro center and reported that she has nothing to eat at home.
– 1 beneficiary Mbongise Dludlu received transport fees
– 22 people through the food bank and other community feeding schemes linked to SayPro are receiving food parcels.
– We are providing meals to 100 youth who participated in SayPro programs
– Community councilors are starting to support the organization as they are seeing its impact.
– 29 youth have been reached where they were introduced to what we are doing. We hope to reach more as they will be coming to the center to apply for opportunities that are existing.
Our partner has committed to place 100 youth into opportunities which is not bad compared to the 70 that has been reached.

During this reporting period, SayPro provided advisory services to unemployed youth, where they were given information about the services that SayPro and other services available at other local community based organisations.

We provided awareness to the community focusing on SayPro services, issues face by unemployed youth, as well as information about where people can access help and other social services.

We also hosted focus groups sessions with beneficiaries during Fridays where engaged in meaningful topics about Human Rights, Gender Based Violence, and Sexual health and socio-economic issues affecting young women and girls.

Highlights and Success stories

  • Provided awareness sessions for unemployed through.
  • Provided Human Rights, GBV and Sexual Health.
  • A young person was able to start her own business and earn an income.

Provided information to community members about services offered at SayPro.

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