To be able to change something, it is important to be able to measure it, display the measurement graphically, and monitor its trends over time. In the case of quality measurement we need to provide a display of current and potential non-conformance problems in a manner that permits objective evaluation and corrective action. In other words, we must measure things that go wrong with the view to reducing them to zero.

We need to first recognise and admit that non-conformance exists and be able to discuss this openly and honestly. We then need to create an environment in the company that allows for honest reporting of errors. Employees need to understand why we must measure non-conformance and how we are going to reduce it. Each area of work has a responsibility in terms of quality and the display of non-conformance.

These charts that measure non-conformance and its reduction over time, should be developed for work areas, displayed for all to see, and updated regularly. Recognition should be given to those managers that keep and display these records well. Ensure that the data collected is used to support the Corrective Action System.

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