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A key attribute of SayPro is its integrated approach to training and training activities, which is achieved by working closely with other program trainers, as well as other program staff and consultants;

We at SayPro Review assist with developing and contextualizing training material to improve both the psychosocial and mental health perspectives;

The task of SayPro is to deliver context-specific lessons/assistance in the areas of psychosocial health care, such as risk management, stress management, essential psychosocial planning, incident management, as well as information management and communication, which demonstrate an integrated safety framework;

With SayPro’s support, the development of monitoring and evaluation tools that are based on the local context and beneficiary profiles can be conducted;

Our team at SayPro provides leadership and specialized technical support to the staff and consultants of the Gender and Inclusion program;

In collaboration with the manager and technical team, SayPro develops and updates training curriculums based on the needs of the company;

In conjunction with the manager, coordinate and follow-up on all psychosocial follow-ups with training participants as needed.

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