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WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

The situation of low maintenance Proofreader is for a normal of five hours per week, or 20 hours per month. Undertakings will run incredibly in size and degree from little activities, for example, an uneven flyer or brief email to lengthier and more complicated, like the SayPro Magazine.

The Proofreader will alter duplicate utilizing the most recent AP Style Book and SayPro Style Guide and ask SayPro PR staff for any explanation.

There will be times when a short pivot time will be mentioned and others when it will be longer, yet it will be settled upon by both SayPro and the Proofreader.

The Proofreader will work straightforwardly with the SayPro PR staff, and work will be ordinarily moved from Proofreader to other PR staff through email, albeit once in a while there might be motivation to meet.

The Proofreader might work from a distance, and will monitor hours on a timecard, which should be endorsed by the Public Relations boss.

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