Performance Report 2020

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To the bishops, pastors, traditional leaders, civil society organizations, members and partners of SayPro, The Academy and other divisions. 

To the staff, the board and committee members of SayPro Group and other organizations. 

I greet you all/ Peace be unto you. 

2020 speech of Training Opportunities and Placement Report. 

I am proud to present to you the Placement Report Speech. As head of the M&E and Project Coordinator of this marvelous project I must say that it was all through hard work and determination that we all managed to pull all this together. A wise man once said ‘Work hard and be flexible’, with that being said all this was done through hard work and flexibility. 

I would like to thank my staff colleagues for working tirelessly to put this report altogether. Most importantly I would like to thank the SayPro for providing these wonderful skills to SayPro students, who when they first came here at SayPro, they were clueless about many things. After completing SayPro courses, and been equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, others got jobs in the retail sector as cashiers. This goes to say that the courses that they do in Business Administration (Cashier), as one of the courses that we offer here at SAYPRO, really helped them a lot. Many others also work as employees in other sectors as well. This shows that SayPro SAYPRO is indeed changing lives, as this is one of SayPro objectives as an organization. 

I have included in my speech report a story of a bright young lady that could put a smile on anybody’s face, Judith Rapetswa. This is her story:  

I have always been a vibrant and enthusiastic young lady that has always seen the bright side of things when I got to SAYPRO a new world opened, this my Journey with SAYPRO. I start here at SAYPRO with the expectation that all I had to do is run my mouth the whole day will facilitating but what I found is that the students that I was facilitating had their own opinion about different topics that were brought up in class and lessening to and see how they viewed the world gave taught me that SayPro difference are the once that make the world we live in unique and having to hear from different people life experience so humbling and, I appreciate very story told to me by the students of SAYPRO. Now that I’m the Public Relations Officer I get to see and communicate with a lot of people outside of the organization and helping them get their future started by telling them about SAYPRO’s online academy. SAYPRO has shown me that life chooses we make determine what we are in life, like the story of the boiled potato, egg and coffee bean you have the chose to be hard as a boiled egg and not be willing to learn or you can be soft as a boiled potato and, let every challenge that faces you squish you or you can choose to be like the coffee bean and take life challenges with unique chose and a strong well to face them head-on. SAYPro has taught me to be the coffee bean and change the colours and stand strong in waters that I find myself swimming in.  

Long live SAYPRO! 

My speech shall end here. Thank You! Thank You! By Tsakani Stella Rikhotso 

Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Coordinator 

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