To advocate and mobilize community support and resources to increase youth access to information, networks, new technologies that build linkages to professional and community networks and reduce social exclusion through a youth engagement community of practice that will support ‘meaningful youth engagement’; the development of measurement indicators and contribute to building the evidence, resources, and tools. 

Southern Africa Youth Project aims to mobilize community-level support for socio-economic strengthening programs for OCVY and their families and link the program to professional and community networks to ensure ownership and access to available government and private sector resources. Strong community networks and resources will further enhance the sustainability of socio-economic and health strengthening programs in communities beyond Southern Africa Youth Project.

The project will engage youth, as well as community stakeholders such as community leaders, local municipalities, government departments, local business councils, local businesses and OVCY organizations, in program design and implementation to ensure youth have access to information, networks, new technologies, and new forms of communication to maximize the impact of interventions.

  • Map available youth and community socio-economic networks and resources to identify opportunities for leveraging government and private sector resources, skills development, business opportunities and innovative use of technology.
  • Conduct local feasibility assessment to understand opportunities and challenges for accessing work and professional linkages
  • Link youth and their households to available online information portals that offer socio-economic opportunities for OVCY and households. This may include information and access to study, employment and business opportunities such as leamerships, artisan training, TVET colleges, tertiary institutions, study bursaries, job vacancy portals, local recruitment agents, entrepreneurship programs, financing opportunities, as well as information on health and social services relevant to youth, including how to access these services.
  • Assist the youth to connect with artisan training groups.
  • Establish/strengthen strategic partnerships to ensure youth access leamerships, available government and private sector funding, and business and employment opportunities to ensure sustainability beyond Southern Africa Youth Project.
  • United Nations
  • Country Governments
  • National Government Departments
  • Provincial Government Departments
  • Districts Government Departments
  •  Local Government Departments 
  • Municipalities
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Faith-Based Organisations
  • Companies
  • Individuals