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Does your company apply and manage Corporate and Government Tenders?

Speak to SayPro now so that we can partner and collaborate on your tender opportunity.

Do not lose business because you are not an accredited or training provider.

  • Accreditated Qualifications: SayPro has over 400 qualifications and short courses accredited, certified and recognised globally.
  • Demand-Driven Qualifications: Our Qualifications are in high demand by the market, corporates and individuals globally.
  • Tailor-Made Training: Speak to SayPro to tailor-make the qualification proposal you can submit to your private or public clients.
  • Short term to long term Contracts: We have partnered with small to large businesses that have won large tenders from 1 day to 5 years with municipalities, government departments and institutions.
  • Search and let SayPro know: All you have to do is look out for published tender opportunities and speak to SayPro.
  • Tender Documentation Support: SayPro can tailor-make the documents with the specification of the tender issued. All you have to do is tailor-make it and add it to the tender document you are submitting.
  • Fast Support from SayPro Team: Our team is very fast supported by the Chief Executive Officer and the Principal. We will ensure that your document is submitted with urgency and within the deadline.

SayPro tracks online funding opportunities and tenders from a range of donors and agencies

  • Opportunity identification, undertaking a detailed analysis of opportunities and providing forecasting data for pipeline business development in line with the overall Genesis strategy.
  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships with clients as well as strategic partners regionally and internationally to ensure that Genesis is abreast of developments in the market and is a recognised player for new opportunities
  • Monitoring and analysing development trends by target geography and clients as well as competitive analysis to inform Genesis’ strategic positioning

SayPro prepares and submits proposals (expressions of interest, concept notes and tenders) in cooperation with practice areas.

  • Managing and coordinating practice-specific proposal efforts, ensuring compliance with client requirements for a successful result.
  • Specific tasks will include preparing bid templates, developing and tailoring corporate capability statements, tailoring CVs and company profiles, providing assistance in editing and formatting proposal documents.
  • Liaising with external partners – obtaining CVs, fee rates and information on their availability, keeping them informed of project status, obtaining required documentation, and providing required documentation in cases where they are leading the bid.
  • Handling timely submission of applications (digital and physical) by client stipulations, ensuring quality assurance processes are adhered to.

Once SayPro receives the tender approval or Memorandum of Understanding, we will manage the whole training process from venue arrangements, lecturers or facilitator preparations, training and certification.

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