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Give SayPro a call at + 27 84 313 7407 or WhatsApp SayPro at + 27 84 313 7407

Are you submitting a Funding Proposal and looking for a Programme Support Partner?

SayPro collaborates and partners with international, national, local, provincial and district non-profit organisation, government departments, corporate businesses and individuals in proposals submission.

Here is how SayPro partners for Funding Proposal:

Content Development: 

  • SayPro is the best content development institution globally.
  • We have and are still designing a wide range of training programmes to be used by government departments, non-profit organisations and individuals.
  • Our Programmes are recognized nationally and globally by internationally recognised institutions.
  • SayPro customises the content to your style and the requirements as set by the Call for proposal.
  • If you have received a grant from a donor, speak to SayPro to tailor-make it for you to align to the donor priorities. SayPro content development is designed and placed right here on the Academy. 

Systems Support:

  • As a Systems Development institution, SayPro will provide you with the state of the art systems in which you will enrol your clients and manage them directly from it.
  • SayPro Technical Team is always available to provide the support you require from time to time. 
  • Please speak to SayPro Management at SOuthern Africa Youth Academy about this system, enabling you to manage your grant effortlessly.

    Monitoring and Evaluation:

    • Monitoring and Evaluation are very critical for every organisations and institution globally.
    • SayPro provides and has state of the art and the best Monitoring and Evaluation tool used by Non-Profit Organisations, businesses and government departments globally.


    • SayPro provides structured, and donor aligned reporting to ensure that you report to the donor without wasting so much time on Administration.
    • SayPro can tailor-make and automate your report as per the donor requirements. 
    • Enabling you to track and trace your milestones as set by your donor or funder.
    • If you want to track those who did not complete the programme or those who have dropped out, or those who have failed the programme. 
    • SayPro can report on any of the indicators that you or your donor may require.

    Technical Support:

    • SayPro provides technical support through WhatsApp and direct phone call. This is available from 08:00 – 22:00 Monday to Sunday.
    • Should you need Technical, Support feels free to send an email to or WhatsApp + 27 84 313 7407 Call + 27 84 313 7407 the time specified above.
    • Our Technical Support Team will ensure that they solve from minor to major problems with a constant update on the progress at SayPro end.
    • Speak to SayPro should you need Technical Support.


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