SayPro Overview of Community Engagement

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Taking from SayPro Sister organisation. We do not stay away from making an impact in the lives of the poor.

SayPro Community Engagement Unit is responsible for working with the following structures:

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Chiefs and Kings: We partner with Chiefs and Kings in Africa to ensure that we empower their communities. Chiefs and Kings have a responsibility and Desires

Traditional Houses: We work with the Traditional House leaderships and members to train their staff and members.

Associations and Stokvels: SayPro partners with Associations and Stokvels to train their leadership and members.

Taxi Associations: SayPro partners with Taxi Associations to empower Taxi Association Leadership, Members, Taxi Drivers and Queue Marshals to ensure that they are fully trained to manage their industries professionally.

Faith-Based Organisations and churches: We partner with Church Bishops, Pastors, Church Structures and Church Groups to empower their fellowships and members. Churches have the vision to ensure that their members prosper. Holding so much population whom most do not get opportunities. SayPro empowers Fiat

Non-Profit Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations: SayPro partners with NPOs and NGOs globally by empowering their clients with accredited and Certified Programmes

Community Groups and Community Policing Forums: SayPro partners with the Community Groups and Policing Forums to empower them in skills required for them to thrive in their industries.

Civil Society Structures and Funeral Parlours: SayPro partners with Funeral Parlours and Community Structures to empower their staff and members.

Ward Councillors and Mayors: SayPro partners with Ward Councillors to empower their community members, political members and individuals in the community. We offer the qualifications that are relevant to their fields of expertise and that will lead them to employment.

Government Departments: SayPro partners with Government Departments from National, Provincial, District, State and Local Government.


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