Offering Youth opportunities

Offering Youth opportunities such as jobs, Learnerships, training and entrepreneurship.

Governments and families are crying over the growing number of youth not in Education, Employment or Training.

SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project is a solution for Africa’s youth not in Employment, Education and Training.

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project.

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Please send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903

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Meet Mduduzi Sbahle Moyo Mduduzi Sbahle Moyo was born in ??. When he was a member of Southern Africa Youth Project in [Mention Year] He attended [Number of Programs] from [starting year] to [Final Year]. Mduduzi is a [South African / Zimbabwean/ Lesothan / Eswatini /  Mduduzi has shown exceptional participation in our programmes where

We highlight the clients

Southern Africa Youth Project is proud to report that bohlale has got a opportunities with different partners. This is a long standing relationship between Southern Africa Youth Project and its employer partners. Southern Africa Youth Project’s highlights of the clients that found sustainable opportunities. Bohlale – completed the journey to success at Deltamune he works as

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