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We train, provide membership and funding opportunities to NPOs in Africa

Speak to us at + 27 11 071 1903 or email us at
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NPO Capacity Building and Training

Southern Africa Youth Project is the leading and the best Capacity Building and Training Organisation when it comes to Capacity Building and Training of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Faith  Based Organisations (FBO), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

To train your organisations or organisations who are your members send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903

Southern Africa Youth Project works with 

  • INTERNATIONAL FUNDERS: We provide training to non-profit organisations  funded by the international organisations
  • GOVERNMENT FUNDING AGENCIES: Southern Africa Youth Project provides training to Non-Profit Organisations funded by national, provincial and district government departments in Africa.
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPALITIES: Southern Africa Youth Project provides training to NPOs and NGOs funded by the local government, district and local Municipalities.
  • STATE OWNED ENTITIES FUNDED ORGANISATIONS: Southern Africa Youth Project provides training to organisations funded by the institutions and companies owned by government
  • Corporate Businesses: 
  • SETA FUNDED LEARNERSHIPS and SKILLS PROGRAMMES: Southern Africa Youth Project provides training to employees of institutions funded by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETAs)


See some of our programmes at

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NPO Membership and Association

Developing Programmes and Systems can be tiring, expensive and stressing for large to Small to Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs).

Southern Africa Youth Project is bridging a gap for NPOs to join Southern Africa Youth Project and become a member to gain lots of benefits.

The benefits includes 

  • ACCESS TO PROGRAMMES: Access to over 200 Programmes from Health, Arts, Culture, Heritage, Science, Technology, Engineering, Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • CERTIFIED AND ACCREDITED PROGRAMS: Provide accredited and certified programmes in all centers. Whether you are based in one country or multiple countries.
  • DISCOUNTED STAFF TRAINING: Receive discounted and free trainings for  you and your staff.
  • ACCESS TO DATABASE SYSTEM: Get access to database systems
  • JOINT FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: Southern Africa Youth Project submits applications to thousands of funders with you. When we get the funding you become the implementer of such programmes. We train and implement with you.
  • ACCESS TO LEARNERSHIPS: We give you access to learnerships so that you can employ and give work experience to young people in your community. Whilst they help you make the impact in the lives of people you care about.
  • ACCESS TO INTERNSHIPS: We give you access to university graduates in your area or next to your area of operations to help you with your administrative, programmes and operations.
  • ACCESS TO CONFERENCES: We host annual conferences where we share lessons, innovations and approaches to help you grow your organisation under Southern Africa Youth Project.
  • COACHING AND MENTORSHIP: Southern Africa Youth Project will give you access to 24 hours coaching and mentorship where we advice, guide, motivation and push you to think beyond the level you are thinking on.
  • RESOURCES SUPPORT: Southern Africa Youth Project will source other sort of support such as donation of furniture, electronics, equipment and tools to help you serve the people you care about.

Visit our membership site at

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NPO Funding Opportunities

Southern Africa Youth Project is the best research company when it comes to information resources for non-profit organisations, businesses and individuals in Africa.

We share over 100 000 Non-Profit Organisations funding opportunities such as:

  • Funders for HIV/AIDS, TB, Cancer and 
  • Funders for Sports, Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Funders for Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary School, Secondary School, TVET College and Universities
  • Funders for Science, Technology, Engineering and Environment
  • Funders for Unemployment, Youth Development, Children and Women Empowerment.
  • Funders for Human Rights, Gender Based Violence, Policy and Corruption.
  • And a lot more

To see these funding opportunities visit

At office

NPO Funders Directory

Southern Africa Youth Project is the leading research institution when its comes to funders Directory.

We share over 1 Million donors and contact information including:

  • Donor Name
  • Countries which they fund.
  • Their contact details.
  • Their Corporate Social Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship Focus Areas.
  • The location which they fund.
  • Their physical address, website with the information which we share.

All of the above are shared and available on our resource portal at

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