Neftaly received a Philanthropy Award on Youth development

It is during the end of the Winter season when Neftaly Malatjie received a Philanthropy Award

Inyathelo is a South African non-profit and CSI consulting company with its South Africa office based in Cape Town.

With their extensive skills in sourcing the best practices which companies and nonprofit organizations in Africa can utilize to increase their operations.

The host the Inyathelo Awards in Philanthropy which is given to an exceptional person yearly.

They began to look for an individual to honour in South Africa. After so many recommendations from radio, podcasts, articles, surveys and invitation to the public for the nominations.

Neftaly Malatjie was selected to receive the Philanthropy Award in Youth development.

Neftaly has expressed that it is an honor for him and SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project to have received the award as it resembles that the organisation through its leadership it is growing and be a leader in developing its Youth.

Being the best organisation working with the unemployed Youth in Africa.

SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project has changed over 10 000 lives of young people who were hopeless, discouraged and never felt the reason for living.

Through SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project we have managed to change their lives and those people have changed their minds and are seeing life in a different perspective.

The organisation through his leadership and vision continues to shape the lives of not only beneficiaries and clients but for the staff as well.

We are so proud of Neftaly Malatjie Malatjie receiving the award in Youth development.

May his vision continues to flood globally.

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