Neftaly Malatjie speaks at Peermont School Support Program.

A social entrepreneur at heart, a man that continues to change the lives of young people throughout townships South Africa.

Neftaly grew up in a shack in Diepsloot and still lives there. His family is very poor — his father was an alcoholic and drank all the family’s money away. Neftaly was always embarrassed at school because he only had dry pap when other kids had packed lunches and could afford to buy from the tuckshop.
This embarrassment motivated him to try to change his own life. He began a programme called the Diepsloot Youth Project after matriculating at sixteen.
He encountered so many challenges in securing funds and a space in which to run his dream project. He became disillusioned because so many people were not willing to help him and turned him away, but he remained hopeful by the assistance he received from a few passionate supporters.
His youth project aims to give students skills that can help them in the workplace-skills that they may not necessarily develop in school. He does not believe that experience or qualifications are the key to success, but rather that enthusiasm and motivation are critical to advance as these are the attributes which can overcome obstacles and road-blocks.
Neftaly Malatjie continues to drive change in three townships of South Africa Youth Project through his “Poverty2Jobs” and this is with the vision of “changing the way the youth think about themselves.
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