National Development Plans

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The National Development Plans

As an international organisation, SayPro acknowledges the National Development Plans of countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Eastern African country Tanzania.

All National Development Plans focuses on addressing the challenges which the youth in Southern Africa currently face. All countries are looking forward to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by the deadline of 2030.

SayPro is playing a major role by working with a collective of over 500 non-profit organisations in Southern and Eastern Africa to ensure that we bring a uniform model which will address the youth development holistically.


Contributing to National Development Plans

Contributing to these  Countries National Development Plans SayPro has and plans to work with 100 million unemployed youth by 2050.

SayPro understands that government’s role is to create a flourishing policy. However, governments with their policy developments and strategy. 

SayPro working with its network of over 500 non-profit organisations who works across all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We contribute to national and international priorities and the policies as outlined by governments.

The role of SayPro in National Development Plans

SayPro is a leader on behalf of non-profit organisations. Therefore representing a network 1 000 non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations. 

SayPro is the lead in promoting and encouraging non-profit organisations to align their priorities to support governments in achieving the National Development Plans.

Although SayPro has a goal to reach 1 Million youth by the end of 2050 financial year. We still align ourselves to countries and national governments to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Responding to the National Development Plans

SayPro responds to the National Development Plans. Although noted that the National Development Plans strives to eliminate poverty and reduction of the socio-challenges faced by communities. 

SayPro working with its organisations has been a leader in ensuring that its 1 000 member organisations aligns their priorities to achieving local country goals. This to ensure that they get involved in policy formulation and policy implementation.

Should our member organisation not align themselves it means that they neglect to support the government in achieving its efforts. We will therefore continue to teach our member organisations to align themselves to the national Development Plans.


Participation in Policy

SayPro plays a major role in ensuring that it participates in policy development, monitoring and evaluation. We have engaged and participated in the formulation of multiple country policies and National Development Plans.

SayPro participation in policy is to ensure that our member organisations which operates in Health, Welfare, Social Development, Education, Skills Development, Information Technology, environment, arts and Culture, Heritage, Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS are included.

Therefore as we have been part of the National and provincial policy it is therefore easy for us to guide our member organisations to align themselves themselves to the national and provincial strategies.

Approach to change

Countries plans focuses on their capabilities to develop and transform the economy and the society as a whole. Countries aims to address and reduce poverty and inequalities among their residence

SayPro does things differently by aligning itself with various National Development Strategies of countries in Africa. Therefore by designing our own methodology and programme strategy which will be aligned to achieving the countries National Development Goals.

Southern Africa Youth  Project does not work alone. It works with the international community, national governments, local and provicial governments, non-profits, corporate business sector and the individuals to address youth unemployment in Africa.

Human Rights in Youth Development

SayPro has capabilities and various plans to address and bring human rights, inclusion and diversity into youth development.

We understand the importance of Political freedom, constitutional rights and individual human rights. Therefore by doing this. We ensure that we promote inclusion and diversity in project management, monitoring and evaluation for all our activities.

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